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2011 October |
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Remember Ajith’s 2007 blockbuster movie “Billa”? Well, “Billa 2” is all set to be the prequel to that story. This installment by Chakri Toleti shows how a common man, who happens to be an Eelam refugee, David (Ajith) and hails from the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu would eventually become Billa, a feared underworld don.

Aijit is cast as the lead in the movie, and Parvathy and Bruna Abdullah are his leading ladies, with Sudhanshu Pandey in an important part. Huma Qureshi had originally been cast, but with changes in script, the female lead too got changed.

Ajith’s original movie ‘Billa’ that released in 2007 and was directed by Vishnuvardhan, got him noticed more than ever, and the movie itself had done very well with Nayanthara and Namitha, undertaking rather steamy scenes.

A point of interest is that the director of the movie, CHakri Toleti, is going to use an EPIC camera for the movie. This makes Billa 2 the first Indian movie to be shot using the camera, which was made famous by James Cameron when he filmed his movie, ‘Avatar’.

As per the demands of the script, the audience would get to see a much younger Ajith in this movie. The score of the movie has been composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, of the Mankatha fame. Cinematographer for the movie is RD Rajashekar.

The logo for the film has been received very enthusiastically by the thala fans, and you can see that it certainly has taken the social networking sites by storm.

Ajith shares screen space with the two buxom beauties, the music directed by Yuvan, and not to mention, Chakri’s direction, and this can only spell the formula for a super hit. Billa 2 is certainly going to open in April 2012 to a full house. It certainly is one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of 2012.

Engagement awaiting the couple in love

With news of engagement beckoning loud and clear; it is time for much frolic and laughter. Chiranjeevi accompanied by his wife made it to the governor’s house to grace the occasion of Dewali- the festival of light. But they had an important piece of news to share- the news related to their son’s engagement. It has been publicly divulged that Ram Charan; the son of southern superstar is due for an engagement with girlfriend- Upasana Kamineni. Upasana happens to be the daughter of the founder chairperson of the reputed Apollo trust- Dr. P.C Reddy.

Incidentally, Ram Charan has been dating her for a long time. According to confirmed reports; the couple will be engaged formally on the 1st of December. The ceremony was likely to take place at Domakonda Fort. Even before there was much hype surrounding its occurrence in the fort located in the district of Nizamabad. But apparently, there has been a change of venue. Renovation involving the fort; has brought about a change in the venue. To go by the latest at hand; the ceremony is likely to be held in a farmhouse in the vicinity of Chilukur. The farmhouse in possession of Dr. Reddy is also being touched up suitably.

Big releases awaiting cine goers

Well, the release of ‘Ra One’ might have accounted for the Diwali thunder; but in the not so distant future; viewers of the Telegu Film Industry is likely to be treated to a sumptuous platter of filmy diet. According to some of the leading luminaries of the industry; it will be a time worth waiting for as most of the important releases are on the cards. To go by the words of Suresh Babu; the President of an important filmy forum; the near future will be of utmost significance for the entertainment industry as many a commercial flicks are destined for the box-office and that too after a string of flops.

Other than “Buisnessman” of Mahesh Babu; ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Sri Ram Rajyam’ and ‘Panjaa’ are also waiting in the wings. Incidentally, the flick of Mahesh Babu is supposed to be a big one; with theaters being booked well in advance. While most of these films are slated for release during the initial phase of 2013; “Ranjana” with its acclaimed star cast is slated for release during the concluding phase of the New Year. In fact, as many as thirteen films with an estimated expense of hundred and fifty crores rests on these films.

Much to the disgust of makers of the small films which are being pulled out to make way for the big ones; some of the small ones are likely to face stiff competition from their superior counterparts. Two such films “Nuvilla” & “It’s my love story” slated for release around November; will be in for stiff competition from the bigger ones slated around the same time. On account of the distributors and producers whimsical approach many of the small timers are unable to make substantial impact despite the box- office results in their favor.

Ironically, owners of movie halls also have substantial roles to play in this regard. But according to the President of Hyderabad’s film centric forum- Vijayender Reddy what matters is commercial viability rather than issues related to small or bigness.

.Ironically, owners of theaters also have substantial roles to play in disallowing the continuity of such films. But according to Vijayendra Reddy; the president of another film centric forum; what matters is the commercial viability of the concerned film; rather than aspects of big or small.

Don – Unbeaten and Invincible – Soon He Will Be Seen on Silver Screen

The clash between fiction and reality has no ending part. Nor is there any chance to isolate someone from the world of fantasy and dreamy enchantment. It doesn’t matter how much matured you are. You will have to take the sedative pills to walk in the Utopian land. Time is not static. You will have to welcome the advent of modern technology which reinforces the imaginative vehicle to take the mind of a young heart high to land among the shooting stars. Don is the outcome of fiction, fantasy and supernatural elements. He is a superman and he has many unusual characteristics. He is the superman. He can terminate someone evil.

‘Don- the Chase Begins Again’ is the upcoming film which is supposed to hit the box office in the last month of the year. Maybe in the first lap of December, this upcoming movie will be screened. Farhan Akhtar will direct the movie. Shahrukh Khan is the eminent celebrity who has had the fantastic performance track record. Old Don was Big Boss who showcased his bravery to perform in the movie. ‘Don 2 – The King is Back’ is also in succession.

In a press release, the director has told reporters that Don is invincible. His unbeaten performance will surely tilt the world and establish justice. Don will not die. Nor is there anyone save and except Shahrukh Khan who can add more gloss and color to the character of Don. These Don series will give non-stop pleasure, thrills, suspense and adventure to fans and viewers. Don -2 will be caught in 3D format to increase the luster of the movie.


The Kannada actor, Darshan who is also popularly known as the Challenging Star, is going to start working from the 1st of December.

He is first going to finish the thirty-five day shoot of Krantiveera Sangolli Raayanna, and this movie only has around 20% work left to be done.

The director, Naganna, said that the movie’s leftover work would be finished at one go. There’s just one song sequence, and few other important shots that require to be filmed in Belgaum and its surrounding areas.

Nikitha is the female lead of the movie that also stars Sreenivasa Murthy, Avinash, Ramesh Bhat and Dharma in very important roles.

After this the actor would finish the shooting of a song for Chingaari which is going to be directed by the newly turned director from choreographer, Harsha. He is also going to bring to an end, the dubbing of the movie, which has been scheduled to be released in the month of January.

In the mean time, Darshan’s Sarathy has been running exceptionally well all around the state and would be completing a hundred day run in the first week of January.

Darshan also has to participate in a ten day shooting for Snehitharu, a movie being produced by Soundarya Jagadish. And then he will complete Viraat directed by H.Vasu.

As though he hasn’t already got enough on his plate, Darshan has to take up two more projects, and these will be produced by his brother Dinakar. Topping all this off is another film to be directed by Mahesh Sukhadhare. Phew! Talk about over-employment – Darshan is the living proof of that!


Kannad actor Prashanth of Orata fame has allegedly been on the run ever since his wife filed a complaint against him.

His wife, Shashi Rekha, made their marital woes public when she first approached their family court, claiming her husband was demanding another dowry!

The actor held his peace through this, and even when his wife was asked by plenty of television channels about their personal matters. The couple had been married in 2004, and Shashi Rekha said that her husband had been stirring a lot of trouble from the very first day.

“For the last six months, Prashanth has been demanding divorce but I want to save my marriage at any cost. We have a child and I want him to be with me in the future also”, Shashi Rekha claimed in one of her television interviews.

Monday morning found her in the Sanjay Nagar Police Station, filing a complaint against her husband which said that he was living with another woman in an apartment.

Prashanth was nowhere to be seen when the police arrived at the flat. The actor had been summoned to Police Station, and a FIR too had been filed against him. Although Prashanth is said to have come to the police, we must have disappeared shortly afterwards.

Velayudham – Movie Review

In case, you are on the lookout for fun filled entertainer of the spicy type; Velayudham directed by M Raja will fit your needs. Without having to bother your grey matter; the flick with its formulaic dependence on stunts, visceral action, emotion, songs, melodrama and baseless fiction will see you through. With the Telegu flick ’Azad’ inspiring its essential threads; the film of V.Ravichandran’s production is a trademarked mass entertainer helping theater goers in their time pass in accompaniment of cans of popcorn.

With a rocking number introducing its advent into the celluloid; the flick revolves around the missions of a crusading journalist- who aims at unraveling corruptions rampant amongst politicians and other influential circuits. Genelia D’Souza cast as Bharati-(the struggling media person) not only exposes the unholy nexus between the home minister and a circle of terrorists; but also has sting operations conducted to eradicate evils. In course of one of her operational moves; couple of Bharati’s friends gets killed. Badly battered Bharathi in turn, comes up with an innovative plan. She hits upon the novel idea of devising a fictitious character that can rid the domain of evils.

While one strand of the plot revolves around Genelia; the masculine protagonist Vijay is seen dominating the other. Thus correspondingly, one gets to see the existence of a simple and innocent milkman in company of his doting sister. The role played by Vijay also takes the name of Velayudham. With scenes centering on Pavunoor- a small hamlet, viewers get glimpse into an archetypal brother who does not mind crossing any extent of hardship for the sake of his little sis. Sequences related to Vaidehi (played by Hansika) and her father in spite, of their thematic irrelevance give rise to droll humor.

The arrival of Velayudham in Chennai strikes the root leading to the forced interaction between the hero and his female counterpart.Velu is seen arriving in Chennai to draw money for the purpose of his sister’s marriage. By strange turn of incidents and co incidents; Vijay is compelled to take the fictitious garb of Velayudham- Bharati’s brainchild designed to encounter and eradicate evils. It is here that hero becomes a super hero taking on all evils with penchant, poise and well maintained muscular frame. Other than having scenes interspersed with Vijay’s infectious vulnerability to dancing; there are those displaying the charismatic hero’s stylish attire and play of Samurai sword. Velayudham’s heroism is not only restricted to the prospect of power play; but also extends to humorous and romantic sequences as well.

The film with its interplay of action, power play, romance and humor sees the director delivering a peppy package. The strength of hero’s powerful masculinity finds a suitable expression towards the end; when the hero cum superhero is seen removing his shirt. What a magical transformation from a milkman to superhero! – Transformation worth boasting of indeed. Vijay does justice to all aspects of his screen presence ranging from dancing, flaunting visceral power down to dialogue delivery. His relaxing mode of dialogue delivery has been efficiently used. It pays off particularly in scenes centering on romance and humor. Jokes of Sanatham have significant role to play in enhancing the film’s comic base despite their gross irrelevance to the main plot. The same pertains to Hanseeka’s comic scenes with the hero; though after a point they appear to be pretty irritating. Genelia looks cute as always and does all that she can to bring out the effect of a relatively serious character portrayal. Both cinematography and musical score with their seemingly popular base fits into the requirement of this commercial entertainer. Though the initial half passes off in a jiffy; things loose pace following intermission.

RATING :8.5/10

Verdict : Good/Nice entertianer

Review On ‘Ra One

Ra One with its amazing amalgam of fantasy and reality lives up to its well hyped reputation. Superhero concept is nothing new to Hindi filmdom and Ra One perfectly fits into the lofty requirements of a superhero entertainer. Be it in the gigantic scale of operation or that of exhilarating performance; ‘Ra One’ does all it can to suit its tag. Not for a moment does the action packed extravaganza seem farfetched with irrelevant schemes of action.

Marked by a meaningful use of computer graphics; ‘Ra One’-makes for an adventurous journey into the realm of extra- ordinary. The journey with all its techno savvy brilliance and adept presentation is one worth experiencing. The chain of events leading to the entry of the ultimate- the superhero is not only worth experiencing; but is laden with moments to hold audience in frenzy. The same can be said about the situation related to train.

Revolving around the fascinatingly etched out sequences; the father- son relationship happens to be its main apex. Father’s toiled labor to fit into his son’s scheme of things; ultimately pays off when a gem of a game is designed. But instead of humans playing the game; the game starts controlling the adventure prone duo. The father-‘Sekhar’ with its creatively designed video game takes us to escalate realms of fantasy. But ironically; the game withers into extinction with the intervention of wickedly manipulating super villain.

The father uses all his determination and technological dexterity to shape out Ra One. Another character of fictitious mould also features as part of his plan. While Arjun Rampal takes on the role of Ra One; Sharukh Khan is seen delineating the second automation-G.One. The bone of contention develops with Ra One’s intention of killing Prateek. It is here that genially oriented G One fights out the despicable villain using all his potential. He takes on the role of android to shell out the existence of Ra One. Visual dynamism is aptly handled and that shapes it out as an ideal entertainer for kids as well as adults. Screenplay steeped with all its twists, climaxes and sudden turns is found advancing at a feverish pace.

With all its dramatically appealing moments and striking resemblance to elements marking science fiction; Ra One manages to entertain its viewers. Despite exploring the realm of unreal, that of fantasy and fiction; the flick’s essential norm of communication is relatable and identifiable. S.R.K does justice to both the roles cut out for him- one as a loving father and another of a friendly superhero with all its physical challenges. Numbers of this fascinatingly grand science fiction is worth looking forward to. Kareena looks elegantly ethereal in the number’Chhamak Chhallo’. Equally efficient is the delineation of Arjun Rampal- superhero donning the villainous garb. But, the kid Armaan Varma who has a stellar role to offer lives up to his potential in matching the likes of S.R.K, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. The boy’s potential to match the film’s dynamism is as admirable as that of his senior counterparts.

Despite, having several strands lining the narrative; the movie’s smooth flow of movement and gradually unfolding scheme of events are worth looking forward to. In this respect, the stellar contribution of the director Anubhav Sinha deserves all applause. Notwithstanding, its expanded scale of operations; screenplay, plot and song sequences are intrinsically blended with one another to keep viewers in captivating sway. Encapsulating the necessary ingredients of a record breaking blockbuster; ‘Ra One’ manages to strike a meaningful bond with film going crowd. To sum it all up, it can be safely asserted that ‘Ra One’ does not even fall an inch short of all its preceding publicity.

RATING : 3.5/10

Megastar Mammootty and Renjith Joined Hands Together to Make Kobra

Megastar Mammootty worked with Renjith for long time in past. Their camaraderie and good compromising attitude have helped them to make more glamorous movies like ‘Pranchiyettan…’ and ‘Kaiyoppu’. They were successful in the creation of the movies for attracting viewers and general persons who like to spend their weekends by watching good movies at home. Renjith is a successful director and he has a good rapport with this celebrity.

However, everyday can’t appear more charismatic and fruitful. There will be cloud of uncertainty and confusion. As this celebrity is not finding any profitable projects given by directors in acting in movies, this famous actor has decided to go to businessmen for getting some assistance to operate the commercial set ups. Lal is such a famous entrepreneur who has done a wonderful job in the entertainment industry. Lal will definitely help him to expand business for earning good revenues.

On the other hand, it has also been stated in a press release that Lal will assist him to direct a movie under the title of Playhouse. Lal will be in active participation in the creation of the movie which will be launched soon after the completion. However, Either Lal or Mammootty has not confirmed the date of premier show of the movie. Duo will also perform to make Kobra movie which will be launched into the market for those who like thrills, romance and adventure.

Prashant’s villainous comeback in Mollywood

The glaring villain Prashant Narayan is about to return to his native roots. The unforgettable villain of ‘Murder 2’with his penchant for serial killing is all set to strike a comeback in the Malayalam film domain with ‘Unnam’ of Sibi Malayil.Prashant with his psychopathic villainy in Murder 2; will again be seen donning a villainous garb in ‘Unnam’.

According to Prashant; he will be seen playing the role of a club owner; guided by immoral moves to make it big. The character in all its evilness will be seen entering into objectionable deals so as to make money.Prashant with loads of films in his kitty does not mind playing evil. To go by his words; the film maker was looking forward to someone new for the villainous role and so they had Prashant quickly roped in. Prashant who seems excited about his forthcoming role in ‘Unnam’; had words of praise for B Town particularly with regards to its facilities. The so called ‘serial killer’ also lauded B town with regards to its treatment of actors.

Prashant who felt well cared for in Bollywood also credited Mollywood for its enriched film scripting. With all his apprehensions about spoken Malayalam; the actor has begun dubbing for ‘Unnam’