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Mayakkam Enna Review |
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Mayakkam Enna Review

The expectations of people sore high with Dhanush and Selvaragahvan coming together for their fourth film. Mayakkam has created a buzz with the best technicians and a sleek narration. In this movie Richa was placed opposite Dhanush. The whole story centres around Dhanush who played the role of a freelance photographer who dreams of doing wild life photography. Dhanush has proved his talent and how he can do any role very easily is portrayed in this film. His body language and his expressions are the hallmark of this movie.

The director Selvaraghavan has his credits when it comes to narrating emotions and romance. His movies have a strong screenplay with the characters pouring out emotions. In every part of the movie we find Dhanush trying to give his best and he has not left any stone unturned to give his director what he wants from him as an actor. However, according to Pavithra Srinivasan, this film has a very good start but towards the end it seems to have lost its steam. Some of the snapshots which give us a glimpse of the hero’s tortured soul are the best part of ‘Mayakkam Enna’.

One emotional moment which moves the heart of its audience is when his friend hugs both the actor and actress and murmurs in a state of unconsciousness, both are in an awkward and uneasy situation as they are in a relationship and due to the actor’s affection for his friend and the heroine is supposed to be in a relationship with someone else. Other moments are when the actor, madly in love with wildlife photography tries to capture a bird in its flight and has an epiphany as he looks dumb-struck at a wavering leaf. There are many more such incidents which are pictured very emotionally touching human hearts. The actor is shown to not to have a family except a sister and some friends who supports him in all spheres of life.

The protagonist’s life seems to turn upside down when the heroine who is supposed to be another’s girlfriend enters his life. This is where fate interrupts and both of them are thrown in certain circumstances where they both become attracted to one another. The situations which throw them together are heart warming. Till this moment the film is said to be a good one.

The characters, songs including Kadhal En Kadhal, setting, complicated emotions and twists play a vital role in the film. So far the film is good with the screenplay moving at a breakneck speed. Camera work done by Ramji is superb while editing done by Bhaskar is brilliant. In this film we find less hormone driven sexuality and more personality driven attraction which is excellent. The protagonists are seen to have undergone emotional turmoil in the film which people wonder when this will come to an end but as it reaches the climax, the dramatic moments seems to lose its influence and towards the end it does not come as expected by the audience.

It is Dhanush who practically carries the entire film in his shoulders. His expression as well as his body language has makes people flow away. His acting, his frustration, confusion on being attracted to his friend’s girlfriend etc takes the film to another level. Richa made an impressive debut. She looks modern in the first half while in the end she is to look unhappy, which seems to have lessened the impact. Apart from them Sundar Ramu, among the group of friends did a good job and other secondary characters played their part well.

If someone is to be blamed for the second half of the film, it is the director himself. The first half is so full of emotions and liveliness, that its downfall is inevitable. It is expected that the second half will surpass the first but it does not. But still, the film is worth seeing considering the fact that a well used theme with distinct touches is used in the film. We would have a masterpiece only if the second half would have been a bit tightened.

Rating :-6/10  Verdict : Average ,Best watch for youths

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