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2011 December |
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Archive for December, 2011

Isai Puyal AR Rahman – Served Invitation Letter to Join Spielberg’s Crews

Music is the heart of life. It purifies mind and it also enhances the artistic grandeur in the mind of a gentleman. Music is just like a whirlpool or a forceful cascade. If you start listening to sweet music you will slip into the world of fantasy to play with fairies and commune with your spiritual graders. However, music is more what you think. It perfects the purpose of a man who must seek for the halo of celestial light to commune with the eternal spirit whose cosmopolitan love and powerful guidance will humanize your soul.

Isai Puyal AR Rahman is one of the music maestros who have achieved world wide fame and recognition. He has had bagged Oscar prize for his outstanding performance in music. However, one fine morning a rose bloomed with a strong anticipation to wish an injured soul good morning as the rose is always welcoming gala days and sunny morning to brighten up the life of a man irrespective of age and gender.

Therefore Steven Spielberg has felt an aching joy to shake hands with this world famous Rahman who is the best music composer in the world. Spielberg has invited this versatile maestro to join his team to complete the upcoming Hollywood movie, ‘Welcome to People’ or WTP under the banner of Dreamworks. He has already created a fantastic title song which will be used as background music in this Hollywood movie.

Pookkadai – Directed by Duo – Mani Ratnam and Rahman

Pookkadai is the concept movie which will hit the box offices after the premier show. This feature film is packed with episodes of revolution, tragic incidents which happened in coastal part of Tamil Nadu where few fishermen were struggling for justice and equal distribution of resources. This movie will be directed by famous Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman. They will be directing the new talented young actors for performing flawlessly in Pookkadai. This movie will be packed with a number of galaxies like Pasupathi and Lal. The roles of these new entrants will be more flavorful as duo will work with the sexy

Lakshmi Manchu whose juice rosy lips and erotic postures are heart throbbing and more intoxicated. However, to add spices to the curry for flavor, the directors will absorb Karthik and Arjun for completing the movie with comfort and easiness.

However, the director has decided to opt for the screen test to shortlist the talented performers. If required, a short brush up training will be given to make talented debutants and actors more knowledgeable regarding the storyline of Pookkadai. Director, AR Rahman, has also composed melodious musical tunes to soothe ears of audiophiles. This movie will be released soon to attract movie lovers to watch this unique movie.

Achante Anmakkal to Spread Fragrance of Motherhood and Touch of Love

Achante Anmakkal is the movie which will showcase the flavor of motherhood and parental love. Meghana and Lakshmi are well determined to perform in this movie as true mothers who will be guiding their sons for perfecting their lifestyles so that they can hold the status of the family in high stature as their fathers are serving for the benefits of the country.

Chandrashekharan is an experienced director and his aim is to make a meaningful movie in which actors will have a widened scope to prove their talents in performing more competently in this movie. Lakshmi and Meghana will be found playing the roles of Meena and Meera respectively. Meera opted for love marriage with a young and brave police officer named Narasimham whereas Meena has taken decision to accept the arranged marriage organized by her father who is also a police officer. The retired DGP has tried to nestle his two daughters by offering good schooling, nutritious food and recreation. This movie is packed with sweet romance, motherhood and suspense.

However, the director has strained every nerve to utilize the talent and experiences of these actresses. Prabhakaran is the producer who has invested his time and money to make this upcoming movie a success. Sathish Mannur is the writer who has written the story for this movie.

Ujala Asianet Film Awards for 2011 Declared

Eventually, the Ujala Asianet Film Awards for 2011 has been declared by the concerned authority of the film industry. Ujala awards are given to actors and actresses depending on their excellent contributions to movies and outstanding performance track records.

This prestigious national award has been conferred on Mohanlal who is said to be the best actor who has proved his majestic acting and eloquence in different South Indian movies. On the other hand, Kavya has been selected as the best actress. Her charismatic body language, luster and superb talent in acting have stood her in good stead. She has been congratulated by her fans. In addition, Mammootty has also be awarded Golden Start Award.Shah Rukh Khan is very happy to hear that his name has been selected for getting Lifetime Achievement award for his remarkable performance. The bench of the jury has announced that Aadaminte Makan Abu will be given the best film award.

The Ujala Asianet Film Awards for 2011 will surely enrich the Indian culture and entertainment industry. Young artists and actresses will be energized to start more dynamically to get such excellent accolades for their marvelous performance in Indian movies. Press reporters and photographers were invited to attend this national award distribution celebration.

Hot Bipasha Eager to Marry Someone

Sexy Bipasha is now in real trouble when she searches for a good looking dashing dude for marriage. This sexy and erotic baby wants more. Her charismatic figure is always intoxicated. Her sexual drive and libido make a boy fully heated. Now this Bollywood rose is trying to lay aside sometime for handpicking a sweet guy whose charming behavior and sense of humor will surely arrest her attention for final settlement. After the breakage with John, Bipasha Basu is interested to get settled with a guy who won’t tamper with her professional life. Nor will he be a boring subject for her.

Bipasha Basu always likes to expose her hot corners for making her fans wild. Teenage community feels a hidden charm to have glimpses of the sizzling and sexy body of Bipasha. Her unbeaten sexual desire, terrific erotic expression and smartness in appearing semi-nude in a number of hot movies have made it clear that none but Bipasha can heat up oldies to start their lives once again. If she marries, her hubby will be the luckiest person to have hot moments for sharing with her.

However, god knows when she will smile back to give shower of hot smacks to her sweetheart on the soft duvet in her luxurious bedroom. She is genius and also talented. Her sex appeal is massive and her body dances wildly to enchant young hearts. Her marriage must be an unforgettable incident in Indian history.

Priyamani Left for Australia to Get Relief from Work

Life seems to be a desert if one works hard without taking leave for recreation. Priyamani is a successful actress who has performed excellently in Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam feature films. She has won national awards for remarkable achievement in entertainment industry.

However, after working throughout the year, she has decided to opt for provisional withdrawal from her stereotyped life. She has gone abroad to stay in Australia with her family members. She is happy to take leave for comfort and relief. However, it is not clear when she will comeback to studios for completion of her pending work.

She has played in Raavan directed by Mani Ratnam who has praised for her brilliant performance in his movie. Priyamani will start again after gathering energy. During her stay in Australia on vacation, she must rehearse in private to sharpen her acting skill and talent to take challenges in performing in her upcoming movies. Sandalwood is a complete Kannada movie which has already hit South Indian box offices. This talented and cute actress has proved her potentiality to act with vigor in this popular movie. Everyone is waiting for her return to her home town for starting acting with comfort. She must come back for her fans who want to see her frequently in other romantic movies in different versions.

Pagaan – Comedy Based Movie

The role of a comedian is to bring the social injustice, pitfalls and hidden track to spotlight via wordplay and comical expressions. This type of parody is supported by the intelligentsia and social reformers as well. Paagan is the movie in which you will find caboodle of blockbusters, super heroes and big brothers whose talents have been properly utilized to ensure the creation of a high quality movie.

Vishwas U Laad and V Purushothaman have been absorbed by the direct of Pagaan for acting in various characters. This movie will be screened under the VP banner. The story of this movie is based on comical elements and satirical stuff.

Vishwas U Laad and V Purushothaman have joined together for their first venture Paagan under their new banner VP productions. Mohammed Aslam is the director of this big budget movie. You will have a chance to watch Avan and Srikanth in this movie Venilla Kabaadi Kuzhu Suri and Ankaadith Theru Pandi will lend their voices together for the first time as co-singers. Kovai Sarala has already proved her efficiency as a female comedian in Kanchana. Now she has to prove her superiority in playing the comic role in Pagaan. She will be found acting as a mother of the hero in Pagaan.

Ileana – Where Are You – My Sweetie and Cutie Baby?

‘Ileana, where are you, my sweetheart?’ Perhaps you will come across such surprising remarks from the crowd as a reliable news agency has confirmed the absence of this sweetie actress from the entertainment industry suddenly without clarification. She is supposed to attend an audio premier at Nanban located in Coimbatore. She will be seen in the upcoming remake of Three Idiots. She has worked with Jiiva and Srikanth. Everybody is in perplexity about her absconding.

However after contacting this actress over phone, Ileana told reporters that she was preparing herself to reach Coimbatore for participating into the audio launch program. However, a sudden breakdown in her health has spoiled her pre-set plans. She is confined to her bed for severe flu. She will come back to her workplace just after the speedy recuperation.

Ileana is the pinnacle of attraction. Her cute sizzling figure will be showcased in the remake. Her charismatic glow is unbeaten. This young sweetheart must fulfill the dreams of million fans by playing excellently in the remake of Three Idiots. The last minute report has confirmed the speedy recovery from illness as she is taking powerful medications and antibiotics to energize the body for leaving bed as soon as possible for starting her routine work.

Signs to Be Commenced on 17th Feb and Closing Ceremony on 21st Feb

SIGNS, the world famous digital video festival, will be held on the upcoming 17 February, 2012. The duration of the festival is a span of 4 days. There are total five categories for which awards are said to be distributed to participants who will win the competition in this digital video carnival.

The following five categories are documentaries, short feature films, cinema experimenta and cinema resistance inclusive of campus cuts. Out of five categories, cinema resistance and cinema experimenta are sub-categorized. The festival will take place at Kalabhavan Thiruvananthapuram. It is a golden opportunity for the talented artists, composers and actors to watch world class short documentaries and classic movies. A number of video albums and campus cut footages will be showcased to take viewers to Utopian land. SIGNS will definitely spoon feed the upscale society and the intelligentsia. Short movies and documentary films will be gifted to viewers.

The last minute preparation is undergoing to make the digital video festival a grand success. A number of young and old celebrities will attend this carnival. Tickets and guests passes are said to be available at different camps and outlets sponsored by the concerned authority of SIGNS. Everyone is expecting a magnificent finale.

Vellaripravinte Changathi Malayalam movie review

Vellaripravinte Changathi is a movie within a movie. You will find a young and energetic guy named Indrajith who seeks for a job. He once went to visit Gemini lab for a job which would spoon feed him financially. After getting the job, he was appointed as a caretaker to keep the well track of old printed footages of movies which are yet to hit box offices or very old in age. During his duty hours, all of sudden, his eyes stuck to Vellaripravinte Changathi movie footage which was made by her late father who left for heaven couple of years back. He collected the movie for screening with his friend. The opening scene of the movie starts in this way.

In this movie, he came into contact with a number of young talented actors who have performed in this move. The second part of the movie has depicted romantic lifestyles of Dileep and Kavya who is believed to be a Muslim girl. Dileep is a Hindu guy by birth whereas Manoj comes from the Muslim background. Kavya is the sister of Manoj whose rapport with Dileep is appreciable. Kavya has fallen in love with Dileep.

The fact is that their sweet relationship has not satisfied Manoj because of the class division. In spite of forcing her to leave Dileep, Kavya was not ready to cut off relationship with her boy friend named Dileep This movie is based on romantic ethos, sacrifice and few colorful snapshots of sizzling intimate close-ups. However, to some extent, it seems that the way movie has started in the very beginning has lost its tune halfway but again it has gained luster and spirit to take the movie to the zenith of climax.

Verdict: The music in the movie is not superb save and except title song. However voice clarity is good. The color of movie is eye-adjustable. Movie will turbo-charge teens for romantic glamour but it has limited capacity to attract the intelligentsia community.

Rating 6/10