Achante Anmakkal to Spread Fragrance of Motherhood and Touch of Love

Achante Anmakkal is the movie which will showcase the flavor of motherhood and parental love. Meghana and Lakshmi are well determined to perform in this movie as true mothers who will be guiding their sons for perfecting their lifestyles so that they can hold the status of the family in high stature as their fathers are serving for the benefits of the country.

Chandrashekharan is an experienced director and his aim is to make a meaningful movie in which actors will have a widened scope to prove their talents in performing more competently in this movie. Lakshmi and Meghana will be found playing the roles of Meena and Meera respectively. Meera opted for love marriage with a young and brave police officer named Narasimham whereas Meena has taken decision to accept the arranged marriage organized by her father who is also a police officer. The retired DGP has tried to nestle his two daughters by offering good schooling, nutritious food and recreation. This movie is packed with sweet romance, motherhood and suspense.

However, the director has strained every nerve to utilize the talent and experiences of these actresses. Prabhakaran is the producer who has invested his time and money to make this upcoming movie a success. Sathish Mannur is the writer who has written the story for this movie.

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