Isai Puyal AR Rahman – Served Invitation Letter to Join Spielberg’s Crews

Music is the heart of life. It purifies mind and it also enhances the artistic grandeur in the mind of a gentleman. Music is just like a whirlpool or a forceful cascade. If you start listening to sweet music you will slip into the world of fantasy to play with fairies and commune with your spiritual graders. However, music is more what you think. It perfects the purpose of a man who must seek for the halo of celestial light to commune with the eternal spirit whose cosmopolitan love and powerful guidance will humanize your soul.

Isai Puyal AR Rahman is one of the music maestros who have achieved world wide fame and recognition. He has had bagged Oscar prize for his outstanding performance in music. However, one fine morning a rose bloomed with a strong anticipation to wish an injured soul good morning as the rose is always welcoming gala days and sunny morning to brighten up the life of a man irrespective of age and gender.

Therefore Steven Spielberg has felt an aching joy to shake hands with this world famous Rahman who is the best music composer in the world. Spielberg has invited this versatile maestro to join his team to complete the upcoming Hollywood movie, ‘Welcome to People’ or WTP under the banner of Dreamworks. He has already created a fantastic title song which will be used as background music in this Hollywood movie.

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