Laudable achievement of Dam 999

The highly controversial three dimensional venture- Dam 999 is all set to be a part of the award giving ceremony of Oscars. To go by the latest news, the much hyped directorial effort of Sohan Roy counts amongst the leading nominations at the cherished horizon of the Academy Awards. The emotional thriller makes its esteemed entry amid the two hundred and sixty five films selected for the sought after category of ‘the best picture’

In addition to this, three of its vibrant numbers have also earned prestigious nominations in the category meant for the ‘Original song’. There is a keen race amongst the competing numbers as to which makes it to the final round. The emotionally volatile thematic content of Dam999 made for widespread protest and discontent. Projecting the likes of Rajit Kapoor and Ashish Vidyarthi- the film marking the collaborative venture of India & UAE had to be banned. Following mass furor in Tamil Nadu, the interestingly captivating flick of Sohan Roy was stopped from screening. Consequently, the director planned out a legal recourse to have the ban subsequently lifted. Having moved the highest court of justice, the former was asked by the honorable Supreme Court to put across his standpoint to the revolting government of the state. Rather than clearing the air of dispute, the concerned state government had it extended by another six months.

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