Pagaan – Comedy Based Movie

The role of a comedian is to bring the social injustice, pitfalls and hidden track to spotlight via wordplay and comical expressions. This type of parody is supported by the intelligentsia and social reformers as well. Paagan is the movie in which you will find caboodle of blockbusters, super heroes and big brothers whose talents have been properly utilized to ensure the creation of a high quality movie.

Vishwas U Laad and V Purushothaman have been absorbed by the direct of Pagaan for acting in various characters. This movie will be screened under the VP banner. The story of this movie is based on comical elements and satirical stuff.

Vishwas U Laad and V Purushothaman have joined together for their first venture Paagan under their new banner VP productions. Mohammed Aslam is the director of this big budget movie. You will have a chance to watch Avan and Srikanth in this movie Venilla Kabaadi Kuzhu Suri and Ankaadith Theru Pandi will lend their voices together for the first time as co-singers. Kovai Sarala has already proved her efficiency as a female comedian in Kanchana. Now she has to prove her superiority in playing the comic role in Pagaan. She will be found acting as a mother of the hero in Pagaan.

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