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Laudable achievement of Dam 999

The highly controversial three dimensional venture- Dam 999 is all set to be a part of the award giving ceremony of Oscars. To go by the latest news, the much hyped directorial effort of Sohan Roy counts amongst the leading nominations at the cherished horizon of the Academy Awards. The emotional thriller makes its esteemed entry amid the two hundred and sixty five films selected for the sought after category of ‘the best picture’

In addition to this, three of its vibrant numbers have also earned prestigious nominations in the category meant for the ‘Original song’. There is a keen race amongst the competing numbers as to which makes it to the final round. The emotionally volatile thematic content of Dam999 made for widespread protest and discontent. Projecting the likes of Rajit Kapoor and Ashish Vidyarthi- the film marking the collaborative venture of India & UAE had to be banned. Following mass furor in Tamil Nadu, the interestingly captivating flick of Sohan Roy was stopped from screening. Consequently, the director planned out a legal recourse to have the ban subsequently lifted. Having moved the highest court of justice, the former was asked by the honorable Supreme Court to put across his standpoint to the revolting government of the state. Rather than clearing the air of dispute, the concerned state government had it extended by another six months.

Rajapattai Tamil movie review

Director: Susindhran
Producer: Prathish, Santhosh
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cast: Vikram, K. Viswanath, Deeksha Seth

This is one movie that is purely made for the whole family. Not one where the children need to sneak into the theatre and the parents feel they ought to go by themselves. The movie explores the relationship between a grandfather and grandson. The father and son are both played by Vikram.

In the part of the son he is called Anal Murugan, who shares a very beautiful relationship with his grandfather, played by K. Viswanath. Deeksha Seth plays an IT girl who has certainly caught Anal’s eye.

He is a gym instructor who aspires to play villain in the movies, and he also helps out the poor by beating up the bad guys who demand their money.

The script is peppered with situational comedies, witty dialogues and is a packaged drama. Something for everyone in the family! At its best, the movie explores the relationship between all the three generations of men.

The performances by all the actors are very commendable. Especially Vikram, who has been going places ever since his debut movie – he has been hogging the limelight. He certainly surprised everyone with his ten different avatars in one movie. Deepshika has had the perfect launch, and might just have got her ticket into Kollywood.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is quite good, and the visuals of the songs are quite wonderful. The locale used in the movies (especially Italy) is what certainly boosts the film a great deal. Cinematography by R. Madhi Mu and Kasi Viswanathan’s editorial skills has pulled off one of the best Kollywood movie of this year.

Verdict: The movie is absolutely for family fun night. Definitely recommended if your family has not been to any movies together since the last Christmas! You’ll absolutely be entertained through the movie.

Rating: 3.5/5

Don2 Movie Review

Director: Farhan Akhtar
Cast: Shah Ruk Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Boman Irani, Om Puri, Kunal Kapoor
Producer: Ritiesh Deshmukh, Shah Ruk Khan, Farhan Akhtar
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Cinematography: Jason West

Five years ago, Don had released. We had waited apprehensively wondering what the verdict for the movie would be, being as it was, a remake of the original movie which had starred Amitabh Bacchan in the leading role. The first Don movie had been a turning point of Indian cinema, back in the 1960s-1970s.

Farhan Akhtar had taken the challenge and he had come out with flying colors too. With a slight with at the end of Don, his venture which starred Shah Ruk Khan in the leading role, alongside Priyanka Chopra, was a hit of sorts.

Now they are back, and with a bang. Shah Ruk really needed a hit this year, especially after the disastrous reception of Ra-One, despite the hype the movie had received.

Don 2 serves as a proper sequel to Don released five years ago. The movie is set five years after the first one, and there are some references to the first movie. It is recommended you watch Don before hitting the halls for Don 2.

The ensemble star cast really has done a fantastic job, especially Boman Irani’s Vaardhan and of course Shah Ruk as the scheming Don. Priyanka Chopra had electrifying scenes with the leading actor, but her scenes were limited. Kunal Kapoor, Om Puri and Lara Dutta do not stand out, but they are able to support the story quite well.

There is a surprise cameo from Bollywood’s heartthrob, Hrithik Roshan, but his character doesn’t really have much to do with the original plot of the movie.

Farhan Akhtar returns as a very able director, as he tells the tale without losing sight of what he had in mind in the first place.

In terms of the plot, the story opens with Don being chased all the world over. The movie opens with Kuala Lumpur and then slowly shifts to Malaysia. Don has his reasons for handing himself over to Om Puri and Priyanka Chopra who are cops on his case. But his going to prison of course has some other motive. And then Don meets his enemy, Vardhaan. The two of them scheme a plan which would get Europe to fall face down, and it would also make Don get loads of money.

The rest of the story follows this cat and mouse chase of Don, Malik (Om Puri) and Roma (Priyanka Chopra).

What makes this movie truly stand out is the amazing cinematography by Jason West. Though the action sequences bear resemblance to Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible and Bond movies, this is truly an action movie never before seen in the Indian cinemas.

The 3D effect of the movie is simply mind blowing. It doesn’t look forced nor does it have any truly obvious scenes either.

Another plus for the movie is that there is no traditional dancing around trees a la Bollywood style. There is just one song through the movie which is completely situational. Now, that’s definitely a plus for the movies. Don 2 really has made a brilliant comeback, and it might be one of those special sequels which turn out to be so much better than its prequel.

Verdict: The 3D effect of the movie makes it the most brilliant Indian action movie to hit the silver screen. If you’re a fan of fast-paced action, and you happen to be a fan of Shah Ruk Khan, this movie is definitely for you.

Rating: 3/5

Dulquar salman Mammootty son marriage wedding photos pics

Winter weddings have always been a trend followed by most Indians. After the news of south Indian actress, Mamta Mohandas’ marriage, we hear that superstar Mammootty’s son; Dulquar Salman tied the knot with Amal Sulfi, on the 22nd of December.

It certainly is the time for news of weddings to come flying in. It did begin to Mamta Mohandas, and we learnt that Genelia D’Souza and Ritiesh Deshmukh are all set to tie the knot in mid February. The weddings in winter definitely have made a huge comeback in tinsel town.

The happy couple was bonded for life last night, as the Nikkah took place between 7pm to 8pm at Park Sheraton in Chennai. Only close family members and selected invitees were allowed to attend the ceremony. The media was not allowed to attend the ceremony.

The reception is scheduled to be held on the 26th of December, at Ramada Resorts in Kochi, Kerala.

Amal Sulfi is the daughter of the North Indian business man, Syed Nizamuddin, who has been settled in Chennai now.

Notable wedding guests were Yesudas, Suresh Gopi, Sarath Kumar, Radhika, Arjun, Dileep, Prabhu, Ramu, Kunchan, Sukumari, Seema, director Hariharan, Asianet MD Madhavan, DMK leader M.K. Stalin, among others.

Mammootty was the perfect host to all his guests, it has been reported. The man with a big heart was in the news sometime ago for donating money which would help twenty five heart patients get their operations done. He is still a much celebrated hero down South, and is known for his generosity and hospitality.

We wish his son and daughter-in-law all the best in their lives together. Marriage is a big deal after all and many best wishes and happiness to the proud father-in-law as well. Photos of their wedding would be released as press photos soon, stay tuned for them!

Mohanlal and Dulquar – Lucky to Work Together with Vyshak

Mohanlal and Dulquar are both celebrities and their highly glamorous professional careers are appreciable. Mohanlal has already acted in a number of commercial movies and right now he gonna to work with another blockbuster named Dulquar.

Reliable sources have predicted that Vyshak who is believed to be a renowned director, has planned to launch a new growth oriented project which will help him to make a big budget movie.

Vyshak has already worked excellently with several talented actors and actresses. His first movie is Pokkiriraja. He worked with Mammootty and young talented actor Prithviraj. Right now, Vyshak is chalking out an extensive plan to hire Mohanlal and Dulquar for his upcoming commercial movie which will be made in Malayalam version. The shooting will be started after the initial completion of the official formalities.

Last but not the least, his new project Mallu Singh is on its way to the floors for successful completion. His upcoming movie will be finished under Mulukupadam banner. Udayakumar-Siby K. Thomas has done a wonderful job by preparing the scripts for this sought after movie which is expected to be released by the end of 2012.

Editor Suresh Urs – Now in the Leading Role as a Protagonist

Suresh Urs is not a newcomer in the movie industry. However, his workstation behind the silver screen as he loves to work as a movie editor whose job is to screen any upcoming movie for perfection. He is a talented editor whose practical experience is extensive and remarkable.

He has already bagged national accolades for outstanding performance and talent in editing films with excellence. He has a bright historical background and his working experience with Mani Ratnam, Ravikumar and celebrity Vasu is unforgettable. However, he was not eager to appear in front of people as an actor in spite of getting offers from famous movie directors like Ratnam.

However, when he went through scripts of the upcoming Tamil movie Mahaan Kanakku, he changed his mindset. He accepted the overture given by the director. In this Mahaan Kanakku, he will be projected as an outspoken guy who has had a vitriolic experience about the anomalies and unlawful transaction in banking sectors. He will prove his ability and efficiency to perform in this movie.

At a press release, it has been declared that Mahaan Kanakku is supposed to be premiered on the 30th December. His mates and colleagues are waiting for watching this movie which will hit the box office soon.

Suriya – Next Big Boss to Compeer and Anchor KBC in Tamil Version

During previous episodes, Big B proved his extraordinary skills and remarkable eloquence while anchoring Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC which was telecast on private channel of television. This KBC is a type of reality show in which participants were shortlisted via screening tests. They are ordinary guys and they are compelled to participate into a face to face interview session. The winner of the show will be given 1 crore rupees. It is a jackpot prize. However there are other categories of the prize money. Rewards are given to successful candidates at KBC. Sarukh Khan also anchored this popular reality show.

Now, KBC is supposed to be hosted in Tamil version. Suriya, a famous South Indian celebrity, has been nominated to operate the whole reality show as an anchor and compeer. He has underscored the need to opt for a special training to anchor the whole KBC reality show with competency.

Vadapalani studio is now a hotspot because Suriya is very busy of rehearsing in front of fake audience. He is being guided by a group of experts to become competent for compeering the show to entertain people. This celebrity has expressed his pleasure by claiming that this Tamil KBC will certainly be a success in the long run.

Oru Marubhoomi Kadha – Malayalam movie review

Oru Marubhoomi Kadha Movie Review

Cast: Mohanlal, Mukesh, Innocent, Nedumudi Venu, Bhavana, Lakshmi Rai, Suraj Venjaramoodu

Director: Priyadarshan

Producer: Ashok Kumar, Jamal Al Nuaimi, Naveen Shashidharan

Story/Writer: Priyadarshan

Music Director: M G Sreekumar

Lyrics: Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri

Review by :Manu Prathap CS – Editor

Malayalam movie industry is extensively indebted to the duo, Mohanlal and Priyadarshan whose excellent contributions have enriched the soil of Malayalam film industry. These eye-catching celebrities have again showcased their talent through ORU MARUBHUMI KADHA. However, one should enhance an effective comparison study to assess the performance of Mohanlal and Priyadarshan.

Oru Marubhoomi Kadha is a complete pack of comedy,romance and thrills. You will have to roll in laughter while watching the fabulous performance of Mohanlal and Mukesh in this movie. It is a fact that this movie will keep your minds up in thrills in such a way that you can’t anticipate the turning points and suspense of this movie .The performance of other cast like suraj ,mamookoya,innocent,nedumudivenu is also excellent .

Oru Marubhoomi Kadha has been shot in different locations in Gulf region in ME. Mohanlal has acted the role of Madhavan Nair who seems to be an accountant in an office located in UAE. He is a responsible guy who has to take care of a dependent family. Even he is also bound to clear a pending loan to update his credit score. However, he is not fully smashed under the pressure of financial stringency and trouble ridden domestic life. In between, his sweet and colorful dreams are interwoven on the enriched tapestry. He dreams of making a romantic venture with young beauty Meenakshi played by Lakshmi Rai. He was mesmerized to watch the arresting sizzling figure of Meenakshi. The director has tried his best to make the viewers in a romantic mood and the look of the pretty actress lekshmi rai also helped the director to make viewers more interested in her romance with Madhavan nair played by Mohan lal.. You will have to laugh in sleeves again and again when duo will be traced in comical ambience. Here, you seem to find a showdown of fantasy and the world of sophisticated world. This type of peculiar co-existence has brought a new dimensional change to the movie.
Besides Meenakshi, in the movie the presence of another heroine, Eliana (the role played by Bhavana) is strongly palpable. She has distorted the conception and assessment made by Madhaven Nair. Their first meeting didn’t enhance the optimism overdrive as she put him in trouble. He feels burdened to communicate with her due her aloofness and reluctance to make fair deal with Nair.
The sight-seeing in a Gulf desert is marvelous to add more fragrance to the movie. The natural beauty and impressive panorama of a lonely desert in Gulf region have made the movie more glamorous and colorful. On the other hand Shakti Kapoor has strained every nerve to speak in English, Hindi and Malayalam to create a sensational ambience in which both viewers and performer feel excited to have unique experiences. Love, comedy, seriousness in establishing rapport and mild touch of betray/revenge have changed the streamline of the story to compel viewers to feel a sensational thrills while keeping glued to cushions of seats to watch this exciting Malayalam movie.

Frankly speaking, Mohanlal and Mukesh have been projected their performance very well and they proved their potentiality to boost up comical sequences up to the expectation of viewers. They presented their dialogues more brilliantly to add up the comic elements to the movie.

Finally, after listening to the dialogues delivered by protagonists and co-actors are excellent in the sense that these dialogues make the viewers to put their hands together for a clap. The entire comical climate stays until the end of the movie .The movie seems to be a good family entertainer with a lot of fun ,even though the movie is a family entertainer it can fully or equally entertain all type of viewers. With the success of this movie priyan –Lal team & Lal-Mukesh combination rockz again in the heart of Malayalam cinema viewers.

VERDICT : Watchable /Comedy Flick /Good entertainer

RATING  :4/5

Uchchithanai Mukarnthal Tamil Movie Review

Uchithanai Mukarnthal Movie Review

Cast: Sathyaraj, Nassar, Seeman, Sangeetha, Neelika

Director: Pughazhendi Thangaraj

Music: D Imman

Cinematographer: B Kannan

Banner: Gemini Film Circuit

Another documentary-drama by Pughazhendi Thangaraj, but this time the same issue, gets a different treatment.

The Lankan Tamil issue has always been quite a sensitive one, and any movie which is remotely based on this theme always get the extra attention.

This movie is riddled with very strong moving scenes and powerful dialogs. The basic plot of the movie revolves around the outspoken activist couple (played by Sathyaraj and Sangeetha), who give shelter to a thirteen year old girl (Neelika) who has been gang raped by the Lankan army. The girl is expecting a child, and this good hearted couple tries to help her.

Seeman plays an inspector who tries to help these people, and Nassar comes into the picture when the plot twist is revealed: the girl has become a victim of AIDS. What happens when such revelation occurs is what the movie mostly deals with.

Though all the actors have proved their worth, it is young Neelika who absolutely steals the show.

The cinematography by B Kannan deserves special mention, for he does live up to the expectations one has of him.

The music is hauntingly beautiful by D Imman and fits the sequences of the movie well.

Hats off to Pughazhendi Thangaraj for making a movie with such honesty and never once feeling the need to bow down to the commercial pressure, filmmakers almost always face.

Verdict: Over all, the movie despite being a docu-drama, does not fail to catch the audience’s attention and probe them to think a little. No film is without flaws – and neither is this one. But if one is in the mood for something serious, the film is worth checking out.

Rating: 3.5/5

Silently Arulnidhi Steals the Show: Mouna Guru

Mouna Guru Movie Review

Writer and Director: Santhakumar

Cast: Arulnidhi, Iniya, John Vijay

Music: Thaman

Cinematography: Mahesh Muthusamy

Producer: M K Tamilarasu

Banner: Mohana Movies

This story which has a gripping screenplay penned by Samthakuman, revolves around the silent college student (played by Arulnidhi) who is forced to metamorphose from his quiet self to the angry young man.

This change in him is brought forward due the fact that he sees before his eyes, the people who have been put in charge of taking care of the law and order go against their own citizens. The ones in charge take the side of the bad guys. The action naturally angers him, and he dons the rolls of the red eyed angry young man – fulfilling even his family’s aspirations of him. The first half of the movie concentrates on his change from the silent guy to the fighter guy. The next half focuses on how he overcomes all the problems that suddenly come up in his life, including a physical one.

Arunlnidhi who was growing steadily impatient for hit, after his movies Vamsam (his brilliant debut), and then Udhayan, a movie not so well-received, may have finally hit the jackpot with his home production, Mouna Guru. His father is, after all, the producer of this outing.

His leading lady, Iniya, does a commendable job. More than her physical actions, it is her expressive eyes which emote and takes in the audience’s attention. This lady is certainly going places, as is John Vijay.

The cinematography by Mahesh Muthusamy certainly adds value to the movie. The lights, angles and shades certainly have some magic touch to their credit.

The recognition of the music director Thaman is increasing thanks to his amazing job. The music of the movie certainly is amazing.

Verdict: The lead actors are the ones who hold the movie together. This is a must watch if one is a fan of action thrillers.

Rating: 2.75/5