Pookkadai – Directed by Duo – Mani Ratnam and Rahman

Pookkadai is the concept movie which will hit the box offices after the premier show. This feature film is packed with episodes of revolution, tragic incidents which happened in coastal part of Tamil Nadu where few fishermen were struggling for justice and equal distribution of resources. This movie will be directed by famous Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman. They will be directing the new talented young actors for performing flawlessly in Pookkadai. This movie will be packed with a number of galaxies like Pasupathi and Lal. The roles of these new entrants will be more flavorful as duo will work with the sexy

Lakshmi Manchu whose juice rosy lips and erotic postures are heart throbbing and more intoxicated. However, to add spices to the curry for flavor, the directors will absorb Karthik and Arjun for completing the movie with comfort and easiness.

However, the director has decided to opt for the screen test to shortlist the talented performers. If required, a short brush up training will be given to make talented debutants and actors more knowledgeable regarding the storyline of Pookkadai. Director, AR Rahman, has also composed melodious musical tunes to soothe ears of audiophiles. This movie will be released soon to attract movie lovers to watch this unique movie.

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