Vellaripravinte Changathi Malayalam movie review

Vellaripravinte Changathi is a movie within a movie. You will find a young and energetic guy named Indrajith who seeks for a job. He once went to visit Gemini lab for a job which would spoon feed him financially. After getting the job, he was appointed as a caretaker to keep the well track of old printed footages of movies which are yet to hit box offices or very old in age. During his duty hours, all of sudden, his eyes stuck to Vellaripravinte Changathi movie footage which was made by her late father who left for heaven couple of years back. He collected the movie for screening with his friend. The opening scene of the movie starts in this way.

In this movie, he came into contact with a number of young talented actors who have performed in this move. The second part of the movie has depicted romantic lifestyles of Dileep and Kavya who is believed to be a Muslim girl. Dileep is a Hindu guy by birth whereas Manoj comes from the Muslim background. Kavya is the sister of Manoj whose rapport with Dileep is appreciable. Kavya has fallen in love with Dileep.

The fact is that their sweet relationship has not satisfied Manoj because of the class division. In spite of forcing her to leave Dileep, Kavya was not ready to cut off relationship with her boy friend named Dileep This movie is based on romantic ethos, sacrifice and few colorful snapshots of sizzling intimate close-ups. However, to some extent, it seems that the way movie has started in the very beginning has lost its tune halfway but again it has gained luster and spirit to take the movie to the zenith of climax.

Verdict: The music in the movie is not superb save and except title song. However voice clarity is good. The color of movie is eye-adjustable. Movie will turbo-charge teens for romantic glamour but it has limited capacity to attract the intelligentsia community.

Rating 6/10

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