Don 2 Brought Rs 50.43 Crores from US Box Offices

Shahrukh looks back in anger to backfire his fiery fists and infectious dialogues to knock down the fortes of enemy sides. Don2 is a success and better to say it is a mega success. After hitting the box offices in different American states, Don 2 earned Rs 50.43 crs.

Don2 is the action packed romantic movie in which you will get the soft and hot touches of Pryianka Chopra and the snapshots of bloodshed war, melee and showdowns at short intervals. Americans feel an adrenalin rush to flock at the movie halls to watch the duo. Sexy Priyanka has enchanted viewers by showcasing her physical charisma, mind blowing laugh and arresting beauty to make dudes wild. This cute baby admits no bound or limitation. On the other hand, angry young man has many secrete plots to terminate his rivals. He is brilliant, bold and dynamic in nature. His sharpness of intelligence appears palpable when he swings his body swiftly to stand firm to face the music. Don2 has become a legend. In America, within the first week of release of this Bollywood movie, the director has earned Rs 13.85 crore.

Middle East is trailing behind as people in different countries in ME have shown eagerness to watch superb sexy Priyanka Chopra and bold Shahrukh Khan. More suspense, thrills, hot intimacy, beautiful landscape, fantastic nocturnal trips and of course action have made Don 2 spicy and flavorful.

Don2 is the latest Bollywood movie which has been shot with a pinpoint accuracy. Every footage of the movie has been packed with warmth of romance, boldness, chivalry, and color of thrills. This is the movie which has been completed by the director after enhancing an extensive research. No other movie in Bollywood industry has earned as much amount as Don2 has gained after being released. It has got national and international accolades. The director is very happy because of the grand success which is quite unprecedented.

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