Madhavan as Mathematician in the Man Who Knew Infinity

‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ by Robert Kanigel is based on the achievement and success stories of the eminent scholar and world famous mathematician named Srinivasa Ramanujan. Matt Brown is the director whose aim is to unearth the precious gems and diamonds lying embedded underground of India. Srinivasa was a renowned mathematician whose elegance was spread all over the world. His quality was the rarest of rarity. He invented new shortcut ways to simplify complicated mathematical problems and numerical puzzles. He was also a great orator.

Madhavan has been selected to play the role of this maestro whose versatility in the spheres of mathematics is undoubtedly excellent. The director and the actor are agreed to work together to complete the movie. In between, the famous actor has already paid a visit to Kumbakonam, the birth place of Ramanujan. ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ will be shot by Matt in unison with his crews and associates. However there is no information about the date of premiere of this movie.

However, it is amply explicit that with the release of this movie, people will watch this feature film for the updation of their knowledge banks regarding the glorious stories of Ramanujan. Everybody is waiting cordially to watch this sought-after movie.

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