Ananya marriage split :- Anjaneyan was married and divorced earlier

Ananya, the Kollywood actress who had very recently engaged with Anjaneyan, a businessman has got entangled.The engagement  ceremony took place in a very simple way. Anjaneyan who has his business settled in Kerela is found guilty of hiding his split relationship with another girl. It was Ananya’s father who came to know about this matter but very late and he sought the help of police to clarify the matter. When Anjaneyan was questioned on this he confessed an unheard story. However, the news was confirmed by Perumbavoor Sl Honey K. Das who revealed the fact saying that the bridegroom had a failed relationship with a girl from Kozhikode. Both of them were married in 2008 and then filed a divorce case which is still to be cleared by court. On hearing this news, the actress as well as her parents are heartbroken. Ananya has earned for herself a hit and many other offers were to follow, after her role in ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ the previous year. So the decision of her marriage at the peak of her career proved to be a disaster for her. Let us hope that everything goes well for the young actress.

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