Ananya said malayalees doesn’t known how to use facebook and there is no issue with her marriage

Ananya is a cute high profile celebrity. Her success is enviable. However recently she has been exposed to vitriolic criticism due to her illegitimate love affair with Anjaneyan. Rumors are hovering over the mallu movie industry that her romantic boy is already married with issues and he has fathered two children as well. Ananya is displeased with the passing remarks regarding her personal affair. She has told reporters that it is not justified to tamer with one’s confidential issues. Her parents are fully acquainted with the intimate relationship. So there is no way of blaming her to play hide and sick policy to dampen the family prestige and tradition. She is a matured lady and she knows how to steer her life with accuracy.

Their marriage date is not fixed till now Anjaneyan has gathered courage and stamina to reveal his personal opinions in this regard. He has stated boldly that he is a fair gentleman and it is not a crime to fall in love with a lady whose sweet smiles .

While commenting about the awkward attitude of Keralites at a privately owned FM she has blamed people living in Kerala because of their unnecessary interference into her domestic life. They are not suitable to operate social network sites. She has expressed her grave concern regarding the cumbersome manners of these persons. She has further told reporters that earlier renowned Prithviraj was harassed by them. It is not justified. They should learn how to behave and use social media properly without disturbing others. On the other hand, she has praised about the polite nature of North Indian citizens who never remark badly. They are well mannered as well.

However, if there is any wrong dealing to win the heart, it is permissible as the old maxim goes by “there is nothing unfair between love and war.”

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