Asif Ali: not particular about taking up only hero’s role

As per Asif Ali, he is not very particular about taking up only the role of a hero. He says that a pertinent role which may not be the lead one will definitely be welcomed by him. He likes to be the part of movies which a film lover expects and love to watch. He states that he focuses on the script of the film before signing an agreement. When questioned about his cell phone being always switched off, he says that in order to do justice to his roles he needs to be quiet and there is no other hidden thing behind it. Moreover, as a fresher in film industry, he might have done great mistakes out of sheer ignorance which can be just forgotten.

However, the year 2012 is not so auspicious for the actor as both of his films ‘Unnam’ and ‘Asuravitha’ has ended up being failures. Other films which are soon to be released are ‘Ordinary’, ‘Bachelor Party’, ‘Cowboy’ etc. He is currently busy working for ‘Husbands in Goa’ ,‘Kumarasambhavam Live’, ‘Ozhimuri’ and another untitled film by Rajesh. We hope with all these upcoming films the year 2012 remains a hit in the life of Asif Ali.

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