Bhavana Dances-Deepika Shakes- Million Hearts Throb Wildly-Enjoy Every Moment Watching Chingaari

Harsha is a talented director. However, he has also a special skill in choreography. Recently, he has made a bold attempt to shoot Chingaari which will hit the silver screen very soon. However, meanwhile CD albums of music have been released by the producer of the movie which will be gifted to people after premiere show. The movie will be packed with spices of chilly romance, soothing beauty of nature, shinning morning, romantic cruises, superb musical tunes, and colorful presentations of heroine and her associate.

Harsha is trying to make the movie more attractive. It will act as an agent to spread the message of love, friendship, joy, and romance. However, to some extent this upcoming movie suffers from the artistic lackluster halfway through the movie. Darshan is a genius actor but he will also have to struggle for getting appreciation as his expressions seem to be dull. He should learn how to express feelings accurately so that there will be alignment between the sequence of incidents and the way of presentation. That means he needs to brush up his personal skill to realize the magnitude of the importance of situation and he should know how to react perfectly to create an understandable ambience in which both actors and viewers must feel comfy to communicate and share their views.

On the other hand, Bhavna is really sexy and hot. Her strong sexual drive is palpable every moment. Way of her erotic expression is superb. She dances wildly to make someone hot. She is unbeaten. Deepika, the heroine, is the gift of God. She will be seen playing as a sweetheart of Darshan who will sacrifice a lot to save her from danger. Her charismatic eyes, arresting beauty and high voltage erotic desire will certainly attract teens to play truants for rushing to movie halls to have glimpses of sexy Deepika and of course cute Bhavana.

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: Chingaari is meant for romantic boys and gals. They will enjoy wild shaking of Bhavana and erotic gestures of Deepika. However, in terms of perfection in enhancing artistic luster and presentation of expletives, it suffers from a deep lacunae and lackluster.

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