Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi tamil movie Review

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi starring Amala Paul and Siddharth is not for regular audience but is targeted to the young generation. It revolves round Arun played by Siddharth who describes his broken love affair with Parvathi played by Amala Paul. It presents before us how the young generation think of love and how they end up their relationship without any serious issues. Later in this film one comes across another love affair which is between the parents of Parvathi played by Suresh and Saru. This story brings in a change of attitude in both Siddharth and Parvathi. How does this happen form the rest of the story.

Speaking about performance, it is tailor made for Siddharth and has done justice to his role. Amala Paul was hot and suits her role well. The chemistry between the two was good. Surekha Vani and Suresh performed well with the rest of the cast performing as required. While moving on to technical ground, Nirav Shah did perfectly well in cinematography. It was an asset. The songs are pictured neatly while the tunes of Thaman were hummable. Dialogues at times are apt and hilarious as well. Direction is good while the screenplay could have been much better.

The director Balaji Mohan has presented a story for the youth, representing their idea of love and how they tend to end up everything without any reasons. He stuck to the script and did not add to it anything illogical for commercial entertainment. It has an appealing presentation with a noble script. The narration and screenplay could have been better. While the first half is full of romance and comedy the second half moved on slowly with twists and turns in it. It is film connected to the young generation.

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: average film, a love story representing the young generation.

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