Kannada Actor Karibasavaiah Dead

Death is painful and disastrous. However it is also unbeaten, irresistible and invincible. The sudden demise of Karibasavaiah will surely dampen the whole Kannada entertainment industry. This talented comedian-actor has left for heaven today at noon. A team of doctors were busy to try their best to bring back light to his eyes. He was tossing in pain and exhaustion. However, nothing can be done when pony of Death comes at the doorstep to take someone to heaven. It is mysterious. However, none can change the law of N the Supreme Authority of the universe. Doctors at Pristine Hospital located in Bengaluru pronounced death of this talented actor who had succumbed to injuries due to street accident. He has participated into approximately 100 movies as an actor. His first movie is ‘Undu Hodha Kondu Hodha’. A reliable source has confirmed that this celebrity was suffering from mental depression, and lack of confidence because of the forceful death of Radha, his daughter, who committed suicide long way back. Everyone in the Kannada movie industry has not taken this caustic truth. They have had a vitriolic experience when they have got the painful news about the departure of the soul of this genius for resting in paradise. A one-minute silence has been maintained in different box offices and studios to salute the lost soul. When contacted, there was no spokesperson found for giving their statements from the side of the deceased’s family.

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