Nam Anna Don Kannada movie review

The film ‘Nam Anna Don’ is packed with touching contents, hilarious elements, doing good to society and transforming hearts etc. Dr Arjun played by Ramesh is a heart surgeon and lands up in a situation where he has to cure 22 kids of heart disease for free. The hospital management seems to be unhappy at this and does not render him support, rather they demands that the institution is to earn profit and not for social service. In the mean time, his girlfriend played by Mona Parvaresh and her brother Achyuth Rao brings in a dead body of a don played by Rajendra Karanth. The don’s brother played by Raju Thalikoti unaware of the death of his brother pleads to save him and claims that in return he would do anything for him. The rest of the story is the climax of the film.

Ramesh Aravind needs special attention for giving a noble message to doctors. His idea to tell it with comedy is praiseworthy. But he has made mistakes while presenting on celluloid. The screenplay was week. The first half failed to capture the attention of the audience while the second half was much better. The comic scenes are good at times. It can be said that Raju Thalikoti overshadowed Ramesh Aravind. The actress has nothing much to do in the film but was not impressive in whatever she was offered to do. However, Sanathini was ok and Rajendra Karanth in his double roles was good. Others like the debutant Sunaina Suresh, Achyuth Rao and Veena Bhat did justice to their roles. Music scored by Mathews Manu was not as expected but the background music was better and cinematography was also ok. In conclusion it can be said this is film with a noble message to the medical practitioners.

Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: it is family entertainment movie delivering a noble message.

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