Nippu Telugu movie review

Although Gunasekhar and YVS Chowdary do not have hits in their credit in the past, they have teamed up for ‘Nippu’ starring Deeksha Seth and Ravi Teja. Expectations are high and we have to see if it can meet the level of expectations or not. The story reveals around Surya played by Ravi Teja, who is a close friend of Srikanth played by Sriram. Srikanth, who faces death sentence in Saudi Arabia as it is believed that he murdered his love Vaishnavi played by Bhavana is the son of Murthygaru played by Rajendra Prasad. But the actual fact is Vaishnavi death is an accident. Surya who fights against injustice turns to be bitter enemy of Raja Goud played by Pradeep Rawath who is the father of Vaishnavi. So he compromises with Goud and manages a letter from him and saves the life of his friend. At this point Surya comes to know about the actual fact behind Vaishnavi’s death and the rest of the story is how he fights with Goud and is there any twist and turns forms the climax of the movie.

Ravi Teja is full of energy and the same is maintained in both dance and action sequences. It is in fact he who takes the credit from the beginning to the end. Deeksha Seth is glamorous and the chemistry between the two was good. Among others Jayaprakash Reddy, Rajendra Prasad, Pradeep Rawat were good enough. Talking from the technical point of view, the plot was good but Gunasekhar again has faltered in the narration. Dialogues were good and the cinematography by Sarvesh Murari was excellent. Editing was good as well and action sequences looked cinematic. This film is however, no different from the other movies by Ravi Teja.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: it is an average film and one can watch it for time pass.

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