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Trisha to announce her lover soon

Trisha has made an announcement that she would very soon reveal the details of her real life lover. The actress has been linked to many of her colleagues in Telugu and Tamil and the latest being her link with Rana Daggubati. Her career is at crossroads. She has made her debut in films a decade ago and has done many Tamil and Telugu films with one being in Bollywood ‘Khatta Meetha’ which was a total failure. She soon realised that she would not be able to make her career in Bollywood, the actress decided to focus on Tamil and Telugu films. She had a solitary release previous year with ‘Mankatha’, in which she was one of the leading heroines. At present she is working in ‘Samaran’ pairing opposite Vishal with Sunaina as the other lead actress. It seems as if the directors and producers would not want to take risks by casting Trisha as the sole heroine in their films.

However, the actress says that she has become choosy in signing up films. A close source has revealed that wedding bells are soon to ring for the actress. The press as well as her fans would be eagerly waiting to hear her details about her real life lover.

Arya in the remake of ‘Delly Belly’

The latest buzz is that Arya and Santhanam has been roped in by the director Kannan for the remake of Delly Belly. The original film was in Hindi which featured Imran Khan and was produced by Aamir Khan. Earlier Jayam Ravi was chosen for the film but now as reported Arya is chosen to do the role. The story for the film is narrated to the actor and he was so much impressed by the story that he has agreed to be a part of the film. Santhanam is also to be a part of it along with Arya. However, the actor is at present busy working in Irandum Ulagam for Selvaraghavan. Sources reveal that as soon as the shooting for this film comes to an end he will start working for the upcoming film.

So this is the only information that is received so far as the upcoming project is concerned. More details on this are still to come. As the film is a remake of ‘Delly Belly’, expectations are high and is hoped that the remake will be as good as the original. Let us wait and see what happens and whether it fulfils the expectations or not.

Sudeep to act in the remake of ‘Kick’

As per reports, Kicha Sudeep who has tasted the success in ‘Vishnuvardhana’ would be seen in the remake of the film ‘Kick’ which is a Telugu blockbuster. This upcoming movie is to be directed by A Harsha and would be produced by N Kumar. Rumours say that Sudeep has agreed for the film. It reveals that the Kannada actor had committed in long time back to act in a film being produced by N Kumar but could not work together for some reasons. It is now when the producer has acquired the rights to remake ‘Kick’ has convinced the actor to act in the film. It is expected that the director A Harsha would start scripting for the film by next month. The proposed project is expected to take off by May 2012.

We have to wait further for more details on this. Let us assume that all details will be revealed soon and we will come to see a good film. Nothing can be said more and we can just keep waiting and guessing what might come our way. We hope that everything goes on well and a good film is made for the audience.

Poonam Pandey’s Phone stolen

Poonam Pandey, who did not bother for vulgar comments and criticisms coming her way for her stripping off and her videos, has a reason to be concerned at present. She who had been robbed of her mobile phone by a group of bikers very recently fears that her private videos may be leaked. As reported by a leading daily that a complaint has been filed by Poonam at Oshiwara police station. She was informed by the cops that it was not that she was the first victim of such a crime as there were similar incidences that had already taken place in that area.

Poonam has said that the incident took place when she was in one of her friend’s car. She blamed the bikers for distracting her attention and robbing her of her phone. She further said that it had many private videos and photos stored in it and fears that these might be leaked. Let us hope that her phone be found out soon and the bikers arrested for their crime. We also hope that all goes well for Poonam Pandey and her fear subsides with the recovery of her mobile phone.

Karthi as ‘Alex Pandian’

Alex Pandian, an officer in Police who was made immortal by Style Mannan Rajanikanth is not forgotton. Now Karthi, a young star will be in the same role with the same name. He will be playing the title role of the movie ‘Alex Pandian’ which is directed by Suraj and the female lead role will be done by Anushka. In the meantime the director has said that the Karthi has no similarity with the character of Rajani. The other cast in the film include Suma, Sanusha and Manobala which will also be shot in Chalakkudi. Comedian Santhanam will also play a vital role in the film. It will be produced by Green Ganavel Raja Studio.

Other details on this are limited. They are yet to be disclosed. The details on when the shooting is to start or the other cast and crew of the film are not yet decided. We have to stay tuned to have more information on this. Whatever, it is it is expected that all these information will be revealed soon and we will get to witness a good film. Let us see what happens and what comes our way.

Dhanush says marrying Rajini’s daughter made me lose my identity

It will be a tragedy if everybody wants to smile throughout his life without saving sometime for correcting mistakes to perform better. That means weal and woe runs together and co-exists. Dhanush is a celebrity. He has gained fame and reputation by performing in a number of movies. He also feels proud of being son-in-law of Rajini. However, still he is not fully satisfied. He starts believing that for some unknown reasons, his professional life is being dampened. He is not happy after marrying Aishwarya who is the daughter of Rajini. It is an inexplicable painful matter that he is not pleased to stay with her.

On being asked, this frustrated actor has divulged few surprising facts which need proper redressal to find the solution. First of all, this actor is suffering from a paranoia and uncertainty. He wants to tailor the life according to his conception. His conviction, commitment and belief will be reshaped under his supervision. Secondly, he is a man of myth. He wants to blame Aishwarya and Rajini for his sudden breakdown in the popularity. He is losing importance among teens and oldies. Finding no way out, he is passing the buck to Rajini and his daughter to feel ashamed for his failure. According to him, after getting locked with Aishwarya, he feels that people are not paying heed to his words. He is being lost in oblivion. This actor is deeply affected by a claustrophobic disorder in which one feels lonely and isolated from the normal stream of life.

Without finding the loopholes in his character, he is busy of surfacing the vague emotional compulsions, traditions and family feud which seem to have influenced his career. Rajini is a celebrity and he has reached the zenith of fame by dint of honest workout to bring success to his doorstep. Dhanush must try to assess his own performance record more meticulously. His lackluster in the entertainment industry is perhaps the outcome of his inability to gain efficiency for bringing success. He must not blame his father-in-law for his poor performance. His identity loss issues must be dealt with properly.

Kochadaiyaan tamil movie releasing date

Kochadaiyaan is supposed to hit the box offices maybe on 15th August, this year. You will have to wait for couple of months more to watch the superstar Rajini who will be seen in fighting against the evil spirits and injustice by utilizing his moral power and honesty. However, at the same time, you need to energize yourself to listen to mind blowing lyrics and background music. This is the movie which will be formatted using the Multimedia technology and sophisticated audio-visual tools to bring the perfection to the movie Kochadaiyaan. This movie will be screened in major entertainment halls.

This time, the director named Soundarya Ashwin is planning to use Motion Capture technology to make the upcoming movie more attractive and colorful. On the eve of Independence Day, this fantastic movie will be gifted to people. Viewers will get flavor of romance, sweetness of love and friendship.

They will be excited to watch the antics of comedians, the superb action of Rajini and lot more interesting episodes of intimate close-ups, get-togethers, and even nocturnal expeditions to remove the stress and monotony of viewers. The color of the movie is eye-adjustable. The soundtrack is excellent. This is the upcoming movie which will surely entice people.


Sneha-Prasanna marriage engagement

Sources reveal that Prasanna and Sneha have exchanged their rings on the eve of Valentine’s Day. However, this was not an official engagement rather a very private event. The couple who attended the event as guests on that day were gifted special rings by the sponsors and were forced to exchange rings. The actress later on said that she was unaware of all these and if she had known it earlier she would have brought her parents with her. In the meantime, Prasanna and Sneha, who are very much in love since the shooting of ‘Achchamundu! Achchamundu’ are set to tie the knot in the upcoming April.

Whatever it is, whether the ring ceremony was a private or public affair, it did not matter much, however, the good news is both have decided to enter the wedlock. We will be waiting eagerly to hear the wedding bells ring for the beautiful couple. It is expected that soon it will be heard and we will get to know more on this. Till then have patience and keep waiting. So we wish luck and best wishes to the couple and are much excited to hear any news of marriage bells ringing.

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi tamil movie Review

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi starring Amala Paul and Siddharth is not for regular audience but is targeted to the young generation. It revolves round Arun played by Siddharth who describes his broken love affair with Parvathi played by Amala Paul. It presents before us how the young generation think of love and how they end up their relationship without any serious issues. Later in this film one comes across another love affair which is between the parents of Parvathi played by Suresh and Saru. This story brings in a change of attitude in both Siddharth and Parvathi. How does this happen form the rest of the story.

Speaking about performance, it is tailor made for Siddharth and has done justice to his role. Amala Paul was hot and suits her role well. The chemistry between the two was good. Surekha Vani and Suresh performed well with the rest of the cast performing as required. While moving on to technical ground, Nirav Shah did perfectly well in cinematography. It was an asset. The songs are pictured neatly while the tunes of Thaman were hummable. Dialogues at times are apt and hilarious as well. Direction is good while the screenplay could have been much better.

The director Balaji Mohan has presented a story for the youth, representing their idea of love and how they tend to end up everything without any reasons. He stuck to the script and did not add to it anything illogical for commercial entertainment. It has an appealing presentation with a noble script. The narration and screenplay could have been better. While the first half is full of romance and comedy the second half moved on slowly with twists and turns in it. It is film connected to the young generation.

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: average film, a love story representing the young generation.

Nam Anna Don Kannada movie review

The film ‘Nam Anna Don’ is packed with touching contents, hilarious elements, doing good to society and transforming hearts etc. Dr Arjun played by Ramesh is a heart surgeon and lands up in a situation where he has to cure 22 kids of heart disease for free. The hospital management seems to be unhappy at this and does not render him support, rather they demands that the institution is to earn profit and not for social service. In the mean time, his girlfriend played by Mona Parvaresh and her brother Achyuth Rao brings in a dead body of a don played by Rajendra Karanth. The don’s brother played by Raju Thalikoti unaware of the death of his brother pleads to save him and claims that in return he would do anything for him. The rest of the story is the climax of the film.

Ramesh Aravind needs special attention for giving a noble message to doctors. His idea to tell it with comedy is praiseworthy. But he has made mistakes while presenting on celluloid. The screenplay was week. The first half failed to capture the attention of the audience while the second half was much better. The comic scenes are good at times. It can be said that Raju Thalikoti overshadowed Ramesh Aravind. The actress has nothing much to do in the film but was not impressive in whatever she was offered to do. However, Sanathini was ok and Rajendra Karanth in his double roles was good. Others like the debutant Sunaina Suresh, Achyuth Rao and Veena Bhat did justice to their roles. Music scored by Mathews Manu was not as expected but the background music was better and cinematography was also ok. In conclusion it can be said this is film with a noble message to the medical practitioners.

Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: it is family entertainment movie delivering a noble message.