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2012 March |
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Archive for March, 2012

Lovely Telugu Movie Review

Lovely Movie Review

Cast: Aadhi, Anchal, Shanvi,Rajendra Prasad, Vennela Kishore

Director: B.Jaya

Producer: BA Raju

Music: Anoop Rubens

Aadi, the son of Sai Kumar is back with the film titled ‘Lovely’ after his successful debut in Prema Kavali. Lavanya played by Shanvi and Akash played by Aadi meets each other in disguise of their friends Kittu played by Vennele Kishore and Lalli played by Chinmayi. They fall in love and as usual in the beginning Lavanya’s father played by Mangalampalli Maharadhi does not like Akash. He decides to know him better and disguises himself as a servant and goes to Akash’s home. What follows next is the climax of the film.

The film is a romantic entertainer with a touch of father sentiment. The film would have been smooth in its narration and simple in its execution. But the narration was confused and has made it complex in the end. The setup of the film is not very effective and it took off on a dull note. Things however, gets better as the story progresses but it fails to impress its audience due to technical errors and bad direction. The music in the film was good and did lift it at times and has kept the interests alive. Bad direction is the major drawback in the film. The climax of the film is not as expected and most part of it is left to the imagination of the audience.

So far as the performance is concerned, Aadi is confident and an energetic dancer. However, there is scope of improvement in his expression so as to develop as an actor. Shanvi is good looking but fails to impress. Rajendra Prasad is ok and his presence has added to the worth to the film. Vennela Kishore did a good job and is supported well by Chinmayi. Others did well in their respective roles. Dialogues are good in parts while music scored by Anup is the centre of attraction of the movie. The background set is also quite ok. Cinematography is good for a film of low budget and one of the drawbacks is the editing of the film. So far as the direction is concerned, it is ok in some scenes but not upto the mark in the other scenes. The film would have been better if the director could have maintained the grip in the entire film.

Verdict: it is a film with both positive and flaws at some vital points but can be watched just for time pass.

Rating: 2.5/5

Govindyanamaha Kannada Movie Review

Govindyanamaha Movie Review

Cast: Komalkumar, Madhulika, Parul, Ana Barbara, Rekha Vedavyas

Producer: Suresh

Director: Paven Wadeyar

Music: Gurukiran

The film titled ‘Govindayanamaha’ is based on the story of a character called Govindu played by Komal Kumar, who is in a love relationship with four girls. Govindu is an opportunist and a trickster. He is in great shock when he really falls in love with one among the four girls. The stage is set on one of the tower of a building and the hero comes to end his life here. In this movie there is another hero who is a software engineer, a role played by Harish Raj who also comes there to suicide due to failure in love. Before committing suicide he narrates his story to Govindu who says that it is nothing compared to his tale. He in the technique of flash back narrates his relation with Mumtaz played by Parul, Vaidehi played by Madhulika and in between his narration he vomits due to consumption of poison. So Karthik, the software engineer brings him to the hospital where Mumtaz is a nurse and there also he continues to flirt with Sheela played by Rekha and Staisy played by Ana Georgia. The climax is with whom he finally settles with and Karthik looks for a better choice in his life.

Pawan Wadeyar, the debutant director concentrated on dialogues and histrionics. When the protagonist is a cheat he can’t be called a hero. He cheats hi s grandfather and leaves Vaidehi in lurch and in his state of drunkenness he says something that hurts Mumtaz, he ditches Staisy for the missing diamond ring and in the end when he finds Sheela sleeping with another man he is hurt. After all these done by him, he receives no punishment for his offence. The major negligence is in the dialogues of the film which seems to be aimed at the front benchers.

Komal Kumar fails to impress his audience. Parul does good job among all other heroines. Harish Raj did well and others were ok. The actual winner of the film is Gurukiran who has presented three good songs for the film. There is scope of improvement in the cinematography done by Suresh Babu. Editing was good.

Verdict: it is not much impressive to watch

Rating: 2.5/5

3 tamil movie review

Get, set and ready to rush to the nearby movie hall to watch the high voltage romantic movie Kolaveri 3 which has redefined the romance in a more dynamic way. You will be excited to watch two young souls dancing wildly in joy, delight and excitement. They are the luckiest young hearts in the world. Kolavery 3 is the movie which will train modern teens how to love.

Sorry, better to wait till the release of the move. Suspense will scroll up speedily to reveal more secrets of love, excitement and hot close-ups. In this movie, you will find three superstars together who have tried their best to accelerate the volume of glamour, artistic gloss, color of romance, and sensational thrill. Dhanush is the son of KasthuriRaja who is believed to be the director by profession. Shruti Hassan is the daughter of Kamalhassan and of course Aishwarya, the daughter of Rajinikanth and a wife of Dhanush. Three luminaries have invested their precious time to make this movie which will definitely melt the hard-nut-to-crack oldies to start romancing again in the senile period. Kolaveri is based on a compact love story. You must watch this movie because you need to date with someone special. Before approaching to propose your dream girl, you must learn the basics of romance by watching romantic movie, Kolaveri.

In this movie, a young handsome and dashing dude called Ram left his apartment to undergo a joy-ride on his street hawk. It was rainy season. When he started his journey riding on his bike, suddenly he had had to stop half way through his street navigation. Due to poor climatic condition, he had to suspend his journey. Meanwhile, Janani played by Shruti was found in maze due to rough weather. She was riding her cycle to reach her destination. Both were brought under one umbrella by God. It is amazing when two unknown persons meet each other unexpectedly. It is called good luck. Love is always unpredictable. Here, just couple of minutes before these two young energetic souls didn’t know each other. However, the whole incident was related in a flashback. Aishwarya relayed this magnificent love sequence and intimate friendship in a background.

The whole movie has been split into three different sections. At the first phase of the movie, you will get the charm, thrills, beauty and intimacy. Mind blowing dialogues, sweet songs, eye-catching natural sight-seeing and of course magnetic screenshots of hot scenes are really appreciable. Just swim in the reddish brown ketch-up of romance by watching Shruti offering hot smacks on the lips of Ram. Wow! What a warm kiss! Need more and more! You will have to spell in murmuring sound while watching Shruti kissing in such a wild way. The first few episodes are meant for raw love and thrills. However, time is running out of hand. Happy days seem to go forever to leave a vacuum space for lamentation and deep frustration. Ram is suffering from bipolar disorder. He is not mentally stable. Therefore, in the second and third phases, you will have to shed few tear drops for watching deadlock, controversy, shouting in pain and tossing in frustration. Ram and Janani will have to prove their originalities in love and friendship. Patience is the essence of success and sacrifice is the basic of love. To be frank, Kolaveri will guide young hearts to love more honestly discarding hardships and struggles. Music is superb and excellent. Anirudh, the music director, has once again proved that he is all-in-one. Besides, the roles of Prabhu, Bhanupriya and Rohini are also praiseworthy. They have showcased their talent. Kolavery will hit the silver screen soon. So, you must turbo-charge your mind to watch this ultra-modern romantic movie with your sweetheart.

Rating: 4/ 5

Verdict: Kolaveri has been shot to heat up the teenage groups. It will bring speed to life. Every young lover must watch this romantic move to learn how to satisfy his sweetheart by playing tricks, doing pranks and throwing hot kisses.

Masters malayalam movie review

Jhony Antony is a maverick dude with razor sharp talent to create his masterpiece applying his innovative ideas and imagination. Masters is meant for every teenage boy who needs energy to boost up their injurious mind. Masters is for those who like more thrills to enjoy Sunday evenings.

Masters is the action packed movie which has been made in Malayalam version. If you have any plan to watch this colorful feature film, you will have to wait for half an hour to have glimpses of some excellent adventurous snapshots and episodes short melees in the streets which have made the movie more gorgeous. In the beginning, the movie starts at a snail’s pace. Actors seem to be unsteady to perform. They will feel lethargic to watch the first part of Masters due to lack of luster and thrills. However, with the times proceeding, the movie gets speed. The theme of the movie is based on some heroic deeds, sacrifice and honesty. In the movie, two friends have started their own lifestyles together. They grew into maturity together. In schools and colleges, both intimate buddies were seen participating into social gatherings, functions and cultural shows. However, on successful completion of their education, they changed their courses of careers. By profession Sree became the young ASP or Assistant Superintendent of Police and Milan became the journalist. In spite of bringing a sea-change to the modes of professional lifestyles, both are still friends. They love each other from the bottom of their hearts. Even they know that nothing will dampen their friendships in spite of wallowing in the hollowness of frustration. You will be enthusiastic to feel the craze to see these young friends who are made for each other. Antony is the successful director and his knowledge in the creation of excellent commercial movies is superb. He deserves clapping for his brilliant performance. The course of the movie seems to have undergone a slide change when two gentlemen have fallen in love with cute sweethearts. You will have to pronounce wowwow in exclamation as few rare snapshots of intimate close-ups will make you wild. Sree faces a number of problems due to enmity. His hardcore rivals always try to pounce upon him in taking revenge. Milan, the reporter, chalks out plans to save his bosom friend from danger. So Milan is a savior to protect life of a police officer at different times. Well done. It is called sacrifice and true friendship. If storm comes to level the gigantic infrastructure to the ground, someone needs to be there to rescue victims from mishap. So weal and woes should be there to make the life more mystic and spicy. Masters is an example for a young boy to learn how to extend helping hands to others.

Prithviraj and Saasikumar have performed their tasks brilliantly to bring the glamour to the movie. They are dashing and brave to take up the challenge. Piaa Bajpai and Kathal Sandya have also contributed well to maximize the adventure and thrill in the movie. However, if you like to know more about the serial killing and the resultant effect of these anti-national activities, you will have to watch the movie once.

Kevin Thomas, responsible to edit the movie, should be remembered for the removal of nonsensical episodes to make the movie more meaningful taking it on the right streamline. The music is well and the eminent music director has showcased his charisma in this movie.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Verdict: Masters is a commercial movie which is based on thrills. It takes youngsters from the ground to Utopian land. It gives pleasure to school goers to feel proud of watching this movie. However, you can’t expect the touch of classic art and spiritual upgradation. On an average basis, this movie is loaded with action, thrills and sacrifice.

Bhavana Rao rechristens her name to ‘Shikha’

Bhavana Rao, the Bengaluru beauty of ‘Vaarevah’ and ‘Gaalipata’ rechristen her name as Shikha for the films in other languages. The actress who is born in Shimoga and has studied in Bengaluru is a Bharatnatyam exponent and a graduate in Human Resources Development, who started her career as an anchor in Asianet and Zee TV channels. She is recognised for a song with the background of Bharatnatyam and has later acted in movies like Mayadantha Male, Holidays, Vaare Vaah, Gagana Chukki Kannada films. However, the results were not as expected by her.

Bhavana Rao turned Shikha in a Tamil movie ‘Mamminangal’ where she did the role of the mother of an ill child has earned her good remarks. She has earlier acted in films like ‘Padhun Partha’ and ‘Kola Kolaya Mandirak’. But the lead role that she got was in ‘Mamminangal’. So Bhavana Rao to the audience of Kannada films is at present in bilingual ‘Attahasa’, which is a film based on the fugitive Veerappan by AMR Ramesh. We hope to see more of the actress in the near future. So we wish luck and best wishes to the actress for her career ahead.

Sonu Sood to play Dawood

Bollywood talent Sonu Sood is at present practicing hard to be in the shoes of Dawood Ibrahim, the underworld don for his upcoming film ‘Shootout At Wadala’. The actor of 38 years is researching high on the life of the don Dawood as his goal is to give his best for the movie. He personally feels that the coveted role of a gangster that is offered to him is quite challenging and would help him to grow as an actor. Previously, the actor has done grey shades for ‘Dabangg’, starring Salman Khan and has earned accolades for his role. In the meantime, Sonu is also involved with another film ‘Maximum’ which also casts actors like Vinay Pathak and Naseeruddin Shah.

The actor is happy at the fact that his career is gradually growing and the audience has finally accepted him. We hope that his career grows on like this in the future also and he develops as an actor. We also hope that he is offered more roles in the future where he can show his talent as an actor. We wish luck and best wishes for the future. So all the best!!!

Beautiful team to join hands for ‘Trivandrum Lodge’

After the grand success of the film titled ‘Beautiful’, the director V.K. Prakash and actors Jayasurya and Anoop Menon are again teaming up for their next film titled ‘Trivandrum Lodge’. This film will cast almost the same group of ‘Beautiful’. The lyrics and story of the film will be handled by Anoop Menon while the music will be scored by Ratheesh Vega. Sebastian will produce the film under the name ‘Time and Entertainment’.

These are very little information that is revealed so far but it can be expected that other details will soon be released. Whatever it is we are waiting for more details on this. We also hope that this film will be a good one with the same team being cast on it. Let us wait and see the outcome of the movie. As the earlier film was a success, so expectations are high for this film. Let us see weather this film can come upto the expectation level or not. Nothing more can be said till all details are released and the work for the film begin. Till then we have to be patient and stay tuned with the updated news.

“Hero” to hit the screen on 7th May

The Malayalam film titled ‘Hero’ which is directed by Deepan is expected to hit the screen from the 7th of May 2012. The lead roles in this film are supposed to be done by the famous model and television actress Yami Gautham and Prithviraj. Other vital roles in the film will be played by the Tamil actors Bala and Srikanth.

The film is produced by Vijaykumar under the name of Seven Arts International. For more details we have to wait further but it is assumed that as soon as all things are set and the work for the film progresses we will get to know more on this. We hope that this film will do well and will win the hearts of the audience. So let us wait to see the outcome of the film. So let us wait and keep guessing what will be the outcome of the film, weather it will come to the mark or not and many more things. We can just wait and hope that it will do well and will come out successful among its audience. Let us wait and watch. We wish luck and best wishes for the release of the film.

Mahesh – Sukumar movie to be titled ‘Chandrudu’

Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film under the direction of Sukumar is all set to start the shooting from the 23rd of April. The latest news that has come out about the film is that the title for the film is considered to be ‘Chandrudu’. The female lead in the film will be done by Kajal Aggarwal. This film is supposed to be a romantic comedy action film in which Mahesh is expected to appear in a different direction. As revealed by sources that Sukumar is doing hard work for the movie to present the actor in a fresh look.

Gopichand Achanta, Ram Achanta and Anil Sunkara are to produce the film under the banner of 14 Reels Entertainments. Music in this film is to be composed by Devi Sri Prasad. Other details on this are still to come. More details in this regard will be revealed as soon as the shooting for the film begins and the work on it progresses. Till then we have to be patient and be satisfied with whatever information we have received. So let us wait till more news come our way. Whatever it is we hope that the shooting for the film begins and progresses without any obstacle in its way.

Prabhu Deva to perform at the opening ceremony of the IPL event

The talented actor Prabhu Deva is again in the news. It is in news that Prabhu will be performing at the inauguration event of the IPL which is to be held on the 3rd of April 2012. It is a coincidence that the event date clashes with the date of his birthday. He will be 39 on that day. He has lined up songs from all time favourites which include Urvashi, Muqqabula and many more for the event. The opening ceremony for the Indian Premiere League for the year 2012 will be organised at the YMCA grounds. A huge set is erect for the event to be held on the 3rd of April. This grand day will witness the presence of A-listers from Kollywood, Bollywood and even Hollywood.

The main attention of the show will be the LIVE performance of Katy Perry, the international artist with dancers. Priyanka Chopra and Salman Khan will also be seen in this event. The day being the birthday of Prabhu, it will be a special one for the hip breaking talent. He has said that he is proud to be the part of this grand event. So this will be grand day for the fans of Prabhu Deva to see him perform on stage.