Anushka Sharma and Suresh Raina seeing each other

Buzz is making its round saying that cricketer Suresh Raina and actress Anushka Sharma are seeing each other. Rumours say that Suresh Raina and Anushka Sharma are more than just being ‘good friends’. As reported they met each other in London for the first time when the Indian cricket team was in a tour for England. Since that time both of them kept meeting each other whenever they had time. Though close friends of both agreed that these two shared good chemistry between them but denied to comment on their relationship. However, both of them maintained silence in this regard and was not seen together in any social events.

This is however assumed that the couple will not hide their relationship if there is some truth in this story. One does not know how far the story about Anushka and Suresh Raina dating each other is true but it can be assumed that the truth will come out very soon. We have to wait a bit further to get the reality behind the story and the silence to be broken by the couple. This is no new story for a cricketer and an actress to be linked up but it cannot be assumed how far the story of this link up is true.

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