Aravaan – A review

Aravaan Movie Review

Cast: Aadhi,Dhansika,Pasupathi,Shwetha Menon

Director: Vasantha Balan

Producer: T.Siva

Music: Karthik

With factual presentation of facts and figures, ‘Aravaan’- the directorial scheme of Vasantha Balan takes a look at Tamil Nadu’s historical past. The renowned director of phenomenal appeal has his work adapted from the award winning fiction- ‘Kavaal Kottam’. The content of Aravaan finds its germs in one of its episodes.

While the scenic background gives clear and classy expression to that relevant to the eighteenth century, the film makes way for the subtle expressions of emotions such as love, hatred, conflict, anger and revenge. Giving way to a rural backdrop, the flick brings out an interesting picture of a village by the name of ‘Vembur’. The dramatic scheme draws its matter from the adventurous deals of the village’s stealing folks- known regionally as ‘kotthu’. The director makes a nice blend of realism and art to uphold the shady antics of the stealing group. Much of the moving details of the scenic fare are to be credited to the skilful choreography.

While the storyline has its threads in the conflicting ties of two villages dating years’ back in time, the major crux of interest surrounds the adventurous ploy of Kombhoodi and his men. The role essayed by Pashupati takes on a curios turn with his chanced meeting with another one of his own kind- but uniquely unknown to him. The talented yet rebellious ways of Varippuly (essayed by Aadhi) not only fascinates him; but also leads to a common pact, with Varippuly’s inclusion in the similar gang.

Quite ironically, unexpected interference of chance and fate leads to the disclosure of Verippuly’s past. Both Aadhi and his love interest in Dhansikha perform effectively to relive the flavor of the ancient age. Similar is true of that delineated by Pashupati. The musical touches of T.Shiva are not only entertaining, but also relevant to its themes and content.

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: It is an interesting move to recapture the past.

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