Beautiful team to join hands for ‘Trivandrum Lodge’

After the grand success of the film titled ‘Beautiful’, the director V.K. Prakash and actors Jayasurya and Anoop Menon are again teaming up for their next film titled ‘Trivandrum Lodge’. This film will cast almost the same group of ‘Beautiful’. The lyrics and story of the film will be handled by Anoop Menon while the music will be scored by Ratheesh Vega. Sebastian will produce the film under the name ‘Time and Entertainment’.

These are very little information that is revealed so far but it can be expected that other details will soon be released. Whatever it is we are waiting for more details on this. We also hope that this film will be a good one with the same team being cast on it. Let us wait and see the outcome of the movie. As the earlier film was a success, so expectations are high for this film. Let us see weather this film can come upto the expectation level or not. Nothing more can be said till all details are released and the work for the film begin. Till then we have to be patient and stay tuned with the updated news.

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