Check the List of Upcoming Movies of Mohanlal for 2012

Mohanlal is not a stranger to a bevy of Malayalam ladies who sought for touching this superstar. Malayalam industry is indebted to Mohanlal for his brilliant success in performing excellently. Now, with the coming of 2012, a number of upcoming movies will hit the box offices in South India. Mohanlal has showcased his talent and acting capability to do attractive movies.

He has published a list of upcoming movies which will exude his superb acting style, way of throwing fiery speeches and mind blowing accents to create a romantic ambience. You will have to watch every movie of Mohanlal who is peerless right now. The following list contains excellent movies like Grand Master Malayalam, Tezz, and Spirit.

Grand Master is packed with action, thrills and romantic close-ups. Mohanlal will be found to play the role of Chandrashekar who will be a police officer to teach teens about the mannerism and moral high ground. Besides Mohanlal, Narain, Priyamani, Jagathy and Sreekumar will also be seen in this upcoming movie. Music is supposed to be composed by the eminent musician cum composer Deepak Dev.

Tezz is another fantastic action loaded Bollywood movie. Mohanlal will be more dashing, aggressive and resolute dude to terminate unwanted elements from the grass root level of the society. Priyadarshan will direct the movie. However, nothing will be unusual as Mohanlal is always ready to show his charisma and mind blowing appearance in this movie. He will play with other actors like Ajay Devgan and Zayeed Khan. It will be premiered on 27th April, 2012.

Mohanlal and Ranjith seem to be twin brothers as they love working together to gift marvelous movies to people. Spirit is the next stunt for teens. They will have to admit that Mohanlal is invincible and unbeaten outperforming other rivals in the entertainment industry. So far so good that both celebrities are agreed to make a brilliant start as their earlier effort to have made such wonderful movies like Devasuram and Ravanaprabhu.

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