Govindyanamaha Kannada Movie Review

Govindyanamaha Movie Review

Cast: Komalkumar, Madhulika, Parul, Ana Barbara, Rekha Vedavyas

Producer: Suresh

Director: Paven Wadeyar

Music: Gurukiran

The film titled ‘Govindayanamaha’ is based on the story of a character called Govindu played by Komal Kumar, who is in a love relationship with four girls. Govindu is an opportunist and a trickster. He is in great shock when he really falls in love with one among the four girls. The stage is set on one of the tower of a building and the hero comes to end his life here. In this movie there is another hero who is a software engineer, a role played by Harish Raj who also comes there to suicide due to failure in love. Before committing suicide he narrates his story to Govindu who says that it is nothing compared to his tale. He in the technique of flash back narrates his relation with Mumtaz played by Parul, Vaidehi played by Madhulika and in between his narration he vomits due to consumption of poison. So Karthik, the software engineer brings him to the hospital where Mumtaz is a nurse and there also he continues to flirt with Sheela played by Rekha and Staisy played by Ana Georgia. The climax is with whom he finally settles with and Karthik looks for a better choice in his life.

Pawan Wadeyar, the debutant director concentrated on dialogues and histrionics. When the protagonist is a cheat he can’t be called a hero. He cheats hi s grandfather and leaves Vaidehi in lurch and in his state of drunkenness he says something that hurts Mumtaz, he ditches Staisy for the missing diamond ring and in the end when he finds Sheela sleeping with another man he is hurt. After all these done by him, he receives no punishment for his offence. The major negligence is in the dialogues of the film which seems to be aimed at the front benchers.

Komal Kumar fails to impress his audience. Parul does good job among all other heroines. Harish Raj did well and others were ok. The actual winner of the film is Gurukiran who has presented three good songs for the film. There is scope of improvement in the cinematography done by Suresh Babu. Editing was good.

Verdict: it is not much impressive to watch

Rating: 2.5/5

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