Masters malayalam movie review

Jhony Antony is a maverick dude with razor sharp talent to create his masterpiece applying his innovative ideas and imagination. Masters is meant for every teenage boy who needs energy to boost up their injurious mind. Masters is for those who like more thrills to enjoy Sunday evenings.

Masters is the action packed movie which has been made in Malayalam version. If you have any plan to watch this colorful feature film, you will have to wait for half an hour to have glimpses of some excellent adventurous snapshots and episodes short melees in the streets which have made the movie more gorgeous. In the beginning, the movie starts at a snail’s pace. Actors seem to be unsteady to perform. They will feel lethargic to watch the first part of Masters due to lack of luster and thrills. However, with the times proceeding, the movie gets speed. The theme of the movie is based on some heroic deeds, sacrifice and honesty. In the movie, two friends have started their own lifestyles together. They grew into maturity together. In schools and colleges, both intimate buddies were seen participating into social gatherings, functions and cultural shows. However, on successful completion of their education, they changed their courses of careers. By profession Sree became the young ASP or Assistant Superintendent of Police and Milan became the journalist. In spite of bringing a sea-change to the modes of professional lifestyles, both are still friends. They love each other from the bottom of their hearts. Even they know that nothing will dampen their friendships in spite of wallowing in the hollowness of frustration. You will be enthusiastic to feel the craze to see these young friends who are made for each other. Antony is the successful director and his knowledge in the creation of excellent commercial movies is superb. He deserves clapping for his brilliant performance. The course of the movie seems to have undergone a slide change when two gentlemen have fallen in love with cute sweethearts. You will have to pronounce wowwow in exclamation as few rare snapshots of intimate close-ups will make you wild. Sree faces a number of problems due to enmity. His hardcore rivals always try to pounce upon him in taking revenge. Milan, the reporter, chalks out plans to save his bosom friend from danger. So Milan is a savior to protect life of a police officer at different times. Well done. It is called sacrifice and true friendship. If storm comes to level the gigantic infrastructure to the ground, someone needs to be there to rescue victims from mishap. So weal and woes should be there to make the life more mystic and spicy. Masters is an example for a young boy to learn how to extend helping hands to others.

Prithviraj and Saasikumar have performed their tasks brilliantly to bring the glamour to the movie. They are dashing and brave to take up the challenge. Piaa Bajpai and Kathal Sandya have also contributed well to maximize the adventure and thrill in the movie. However, if you like to know more about the serial killing and the resultant effect of these anti-national activities, you will have to watch the movie once.

Kevin Thomas, responsible to edit the movie, should be remembered for the removal of nonsensical episodes to make the movie more meaningful taking it on the right streamline. The music is well and the eminent music director has showcased his charisma in this movie.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Verdict: Masters is a commercial movie which is based on thrills. It takes youngsters from the ground to Utopian land. It gives pleasure to school goers to feel proud of watching this movie. However, you can’t expect the touch of classic art and spiritual upgradation. On an average basis, this movie is loaded with action, thrills and sacrifice.

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