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Sreenivasan as a school teacher in ‘Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam’

Sreenivasan, the Malayalam actor will again be seen as a school teacher in a new film which is titled ‘Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam’. This film is both scripted and directed by the debutante Joe Challiseerry, the film which is based on the previous stories of sethu which has come out in the title ‘Deshathinte Vijayam’. The film is to be produced by David Kachappilly under the banner of his own. The actor appears in the film as Madhavan Kutty, who is a teacher in a village and is a favourite among its villagers. Rajashri Nair is the female lead in the film while the other lead characters in the film include Nivin Poly, Nedumudi Venu, Manian Pillairaju, Salimkmar, Iniya, KPAC Lalitha and Suraj Venjaramoodu. The music section is handled by Mohan Sithara while cinematography is done by Sameer Haq.

Other details on this are still to come and till then we have to wait a bit longer. So let us wait to see how Sreenivasan again performs as a school teacher. We hope that he will do well and the film will also come out successful among its audience. Till more news is revealed on this we have to have a patient wait.

Problem for the makers of ‘Happy Husbands’

According to the latest reports, the makers of the super hit film ‘Happy Husbands’ are facing some legal problems for lifting the thread from a Hindi movie. This case has been filed by the producers of the Bollywood film ‘No Entry’ against those of the ‘Happy Husbands’. The case is filed against the lead actors of the film which include Indrajith, Jayaram, Samvrutha Sunil, Bhavana and Rima Kallingal apart from the crew members of the film including Milan Jaleel, the producer and the scriptwriter Krishna Poojappura and the director Saji Surendran. Interestingly enough the film has given credit to the Tamil film ‘Charlie Chaplin’ in the title.

The case comes up at the time when most of the cast and crew of the ‘Happy Husbands’ are shooting again for the film ‘Husbands in Goa’. So it is hard time for the cast and crew of the film. We hope that this time will pass by very soon. We have to wait to see the outcome of this case and hope that this time passes out very soon and all is well at the end. We can only pray that all ends well for the cast and crew of the film.

Sandalwood’s Rishika supposed to feature in Gautham Menon’s Malayalam film

As the non stop migration of heroines from Kerala to Tamil movies continues to be unabated, here is one such girl from Kannada films who has been trying to make into the Malayalam films. Rishika from the world of Kannada films is the daughter of the famous director Rajendra Singh Babu. The actress has created vast excitement some time back when she posed nude by applying paint to her entire body for a promotional campaign in order to promote her latest movie in Kannada. Despite protests by some activists of women rights who objected to this act of her and demanded an apology from her, she refused to move from this act. This actress has also done two piece swim wear in movies and has declared earlier that she did not have any objection to appear glamorously in the films so far as the script justifies it.

Rishika is now supposed to play the lead in Gautham Menon’s debut film in Malayalam. The actress who has recently paid a visit to the office of Photon Kathas, the production house of Menon in Chennai, has appeared in the test shoot to be a part of Menon’s Malayalam film. However, it is not sure if Menon would be satisfied with the photo shoot or not.

Shahid and Nargis Fakhri living together

It was reported that the Czech model cum actress Nargis Fakhri was ruling the heart of Shahid Kapoor till date but at present it seems that she has gained a secured position in Shahid’s Versova residence in Mumbai. Sources reveal that the actress has shifted to that place and is living there from past five six days. Previously rumours were just that these two were spotted dinning together at the luxurious restaurants in Mumbai. As reported the intimacy between the two increased when they performed together in an award function. It was the first ever stage performance of Nargis and she has said that Shahid has helped her to build her confidence and perform well. Later on the actor stayed in touch with her and also invited her for his birthday last month.

Nargis also reverted in affirmation landing in India from US just to be present at the birthday party and it from then that the couple seems to be inseparable. However, nothing is confirmed so far, it is only rumour making its rounds. Let us wait to find out the truth behind the whole story and for this we have to stay tuned and keep a keen eye on every detail on this.

Simbu to lend his voice for Siddharth in a movie

The film titled ‘Oh! My Friend’ is to be dubbed in Tamil with its title being ‘Sridhar’. The Telugu film featuring Shruti Haasan, Siddharth and Hansika did an average business but acclaimed critically by many for its clean presentation. Siddharth who has tasted success very recently as a producer with the films like Love Failure and Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi has reportedly told the producers of the Telugu film ‘Oh! My Friend’ that he would neither be involved to promote the film nor would he dub in his voice for his role in the Tamil version. So it is to wonder what has made him to take such a decision. Sid as a regular visitor on the social networking sites has maintained on his micro blogging site that he would not go to the dubbing theatres to dub in some other language in respect of his older films. He says that this would not happen in future also.

In this regard the crew has no other choice but to search for a suitable voice to dub for Sid and the search ended with Simbu who has agreed to sing a song for Sid in the movie. However, it is not sure if Simbu would dub in the whole movie for the role of Sid.

Aarya offers Nayanthara to light the traditional lamp at his new house

More and more stars in the film industry are in the real estate business and are procuring lands and houses to invest in the future. All these dealings does not come to the limelight and also do not appear in press. Actor Arya who has very recently floated his production house so that he can make Tamil movies becomes the latest one to possess a property in Chennai. It has been reported that Arya has acquired a palatial house in the heart of Chennai that is in the locality of Nungambakkam. He has invited Nayanthara to be the part of the ‘grihapravesam’ and has also offered her the honour to light the kuthuvilakku. As per the Tamil culture it is either the female head or the woman who is soon to become the daughter-in-law of the family lights this traditional lamp in the new house.

Actress Nayanthara has now left behind her past and is freely mixing with her friends and co-stars. This function was attended by some of the friends and close relatives of Arya a few days back. Arya wanted Nayanthara to light the lamp which was accepted by the actress in front of the guests. However, the possession of a new house was denied by Arya, who has said that he has just repaired an old set up.

SPB Charan Second marriage : a secret affair

Rumours are making its round about the second wedding of SPB being a secret affair. The son of S P Balasubramanyam, Charan has a lot to go after his split up with his first wife. His single status was in the limelight after actress Sona has demanded a public apology from his part alleging an attempt of rape during the success party of Mankatha. At present all legal matters are solved and Charan has managed to get a divorce from his first wife. Sources reveal that he has entered marital bliss for the second time and has tied the knot in a secret event. Things were kept under wraps and were not disclosed to the public; however, only close relatives were invited to the wedding. Charan’s second wife belongs to a humble family and takes the oath in Andhra Pradesh as per the rumours going around. The few guests present at the wedding include Premi Amaran, Venkat Prabhu and composer Yuvan Shankar Raja. The family members of Charan are very happy about finding a good life partner for him after all the controversy surrounding him. Things will be made official very soon. We wish good luck and happy life ahead to the newly wed couple.

The king and commissioner malayalam movie review

The directorial venture of Shaji Kailas punches in the bigwigs of the Malayalam film industry to churn out this political thriller. The extravaganza named ‘The king and The Commission’ is as much dependent on the packaged formula as it does on two of its lead players- Mammotty besides Suresh Gopi. The power punched extravaganza despite the amazing presence of the so called stalwarts has little or no uniqueness to offer.

In course of the pre-release venture, the director had reportedly staked a claim as to its difference- claiming the flick was neither a sequel to the similarly named flick of 1994 nor to that of 2005. However, the fictitious characters Joseph Alex & Bharat Chandran will be seen putting up a combined front .The majestically oriented I.A.S & I.P.S does come together to carry out their thrilling action plan. The thrilling action plan goes through a loose mesh of screenplay, lackluster dialogue and unnecessary stunts strewn all over. The extravagant action bonanza despite striking the initial notes of grandeur fails to carry through with its much hyped feel. Both the screenplay as well as the dialogue does not fit into the schemes of things to unleash the aura of grandeur. Similar is true of the storyline which has little or no sense of novelty. Dialogue with all its power, punch and sparkle seems pretty out of place, failing to gel with its content.

The plot with its focus on the joint endeavor of the so called ‘king’ and his ally ‘the commissioner’ could have built up an uncanny feel of suspense. But despite belonging into the category of a political thriller, the film doesn’t really thrill with suspense. The combined package with its elements of crime, intrusion and espionage from the domain of Pakistan is pulled in to create an incoherent mish-mash of drama. The endeavor surrounding the dedicated personals- ‘the king’ & his ally could have cashed in on twists and turns or played on the ‘willing suspension of disbelief’. But things follow one another all in the anticipated order, leaving little or no room for the viewers’ imagination.

The turns of events thus become hackneyed and formula driven, creating little or no impact on the mindset of the watcher. Politically driven action bonanza is expected to pack in actions and stunts. But the screenplay of Renji Paniker seeks to dwell on it as the bare basis of its sustenance. With the skillful editing of Samjath, the big baggage of heightened action takes on a watchable look. Otherwise, the flick with no focus on content and endless quotient of fists and punch might have well been into its extra time. In case, you are on the lookout for blows and punches for the sake of it; in case you happen to be the die hard followers of Mammotty & Suresh Gopi; the purposeless bonanza may not fail to impress you.

Despite having in it the necessary ingredients to churn out a pulsating bonanza of thrill and suspense, the lack of thematic organization and that of content management are grossly disappointing- preventing from being a startling bonanza. In fact, the performance of both the star contenders happens to be the sole source of retrieval. Apart from the lead contenders, Sai Kumar also comes up with a commendable performance in his villainous garb. Samvrutha Sunil looks good as one of the scribes. But all said and done, the stellar performance of the proverbial ‘king’ and his able accomplice steals the show. As a matter of fact, the acting quotient of the stellar duo isn’t only powerful but also makes the film worth going through.

Verdict- Watchable.The heady mix of action and acting

Rating- 2.5/5

V. Bose Searching for Showcasing His Talent Directing Isaac Newton of Philippose

Isaac Newton of Philippose is the movie which will showcase V. Bose as a director. His talent will be proved in directing this excellent movie. According to Mr. V Bose, Isaac Newton is not a film based on the scientific fiction. Nor is it something like that to portrait the life of Newton. Theme of the movie is funny and interesting as it paints the sweet rapport between a son and his dad. His papa will smile back to appreciate him for his bravado and funny pranks which must bring pleasure to young boys. The scope of rolling in laughter will be expanded in this movie. It is a balloon and it will soar high in the sky to create fantasy. Lal and Menon will be seen in leading roles. Hareesh has paid effort to ensure the perfect screenplay.

Anil Mathew is the producer and the film will be shot under the banner of Mary Matha Productions. Nedumudi Venu will also be present in this movie. However, nothing is still clear about the appearance of a cameo actor in this feature film. Maybe, in a short while there will be snapshot with detailed information regarding the introduction of a guest actor to make the movie more charming.

Joshi and Shaji Kailas to direct an anthology film

It is in news that the two tycoons of Malayalam action films Shaji Kailas and Joshi are pairing up for a film. Both of them are doing a movie together. Vinod Vijayan, Deepan and M. Padmakumar along with other directors are expected to direct an anthology movie in the lines of Kerala café of Renjith. The script for Shaji Kailas will be penned by Rajesh Jayaraman while the scriptwriter for Joshi is Renjan Pramod.

The film will be made by M. Padmakumar in the script of G.S. Anil. Anoop Menon who has made a trend through Cocktail and Beautiful is to write for the film by Deepan. The script for the film will be written by Vinod Vijayan himself. The action choreographers in the film include Kanal Kannan, Mafia Sasi, Tyagarajan and Anil Arasu while music in the film will be scored by Deepak Dev, M. Jayachandran, Jassie Gift, Ratheesh Vega and Rahul Raj. With so many leading personalities involved in the movie, it is expected to be a good film. Let us wait to see the outcome of the film and more details on this will be available as the work for the film progresses. So all the best!!!