Review of the film ‘Sevarkodi’

Sevarkodi Movie Review

Cast: Bhavan, Arun Balaji, Bhama

Direction: R Subramanian

Producers: Maharanth Kamalakar, Anand Reddy

Music: Sath

The debut venture of director R Subramaniam’s ‘Sevarkodi’ tells us the story of the battle which takes place between two youths on an identity that is mistaken. The background of the film is set in Tiruchendur with the artists playing their role well. It has the correct emotions and the casts in it include Arun Balaji, Bhavan and Bhama. Kali played by Bhavan is a driver who is involved in fishing. He is serious by nature and struggles hard to make big in life. On the other hand, Bala played by Arun Balaji is a pass out from college and the one who falls in love with Valli played by Bhama. Kali plans to marry his sister to ‘Annachi’, his owner so that he could get some fortune in return but she runs away with her boyfriend. The blame comes to Bala and Kali decides to take revenge. Much to its interest, Bala was not a part of the act at all. The rest is the fight between the two.

Bhavan plays his role well and gives cool and casual expressions as demanded by the script. Arun Balaji is quite good as an actor while Bhama’s act deserves to be specially mentioned. Other members of the cast include Mahadevan, Pithamagan, Ramchandran, Thavasi and Sri Ranjan. The highlight of the film is the cinematography done by Chelladurai. The scenes of Tiruchendur are captured well. The music scored by Sathya is hummable while the stunt choreography done by Dileep Subbarayan needs to be specially mentioned. The film produced by Anandh Reddy and Kamalkar is a good time pass and a story of revenge which touches the heart of its audience. Drawbacks are definitely there but can be overlooked for an honest show.

Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict: it is decent film and a good time pass.

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