Sandalwood’s Rishika supposed to feature in Gautham Menon’s Malayalam film

As the non stop migration of heroines from Kerala to Tamil movies continues to be unabated, here is one such girl from Kannada films who has been trying to make into the Malayalam films. Rishika from the world of Kannada films is the daughter of the famous director Rajendra Singh Babu. The actress has created vast excitement some time back when she posed nude by applying paint to her entire body for a promotional campaign in order to promote her latest movie in Kannada. Despite protests by some activists of women rights who objected to this act of her and demanded an apology from her, she refused to move from this act. This actress has also done two piece swim wear in movies and has declared earlier that she did not have any objection to appear glamorously in the films so far as the script justifies it.

Rishika is now supposed to play the lead in Gautham Menon’s debut film in Malayalam. The actress who has recently paid a visit to the office of Photon Kathas, the production house of Menon in Chennai, has appeared in the test shoot to be a part of Menon’s Malayalam film. However, it is not sure if Menon would be satisfied with the photo shoot or not.

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