Superstars – Getting Costly in Bollywood

The demand for superstars in movies is always prominent. If you check the earning volumes of Hollywood superstars, you will be surprised to learn that the top graded English action movie star named Leonardo charges around $77 millions for performing in a single movie. He is succeeded by Johnny Depp($50 million) and Sandler ($40 million). They are famous and their earning scope is naturally extensive and more expandable.

However if you traverse your eyes from Hollywood to Bollywood and then Mollywood and Kollywood, you will have the same experiences as Indian idols are also charging higher rates to participate into movies. For instance, Shahrukh Khan demands 70 crore rupees to act in a single movie. There is a Khan tradition to bag accolades and recognition. Salman, Aamir and others of Khan line- up earn good profits. Their value in the Bollywood industry is still shinning. Aamir Khan charges 60 crore INR. It is an excellent profession.

On the other hand, Rajinikanth has outperformed othercelebrities by earning 25-30 crore INR on a single go. He doesn’t demand any revenue on the accumulated revenues which are gathered from the ticket collection, premier show, sale of audio cassettes and music albums. He takes only his own charges to perform in movie.

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