Cobra Malayalam Movie Review

Cobra Malayalam Movie Review

Cast: Mammootty,Lal,Padmapriya Janakiraman,Kaniha

Director: Lal

Producer: Anto Joseph

Written by: Lal

Music: Alex Paul

The film titled ‘Cobra’ is a mixture of good comedy, simple story, good direction, romance, action and emotional scenes. It narrates a simple story in an imposing manner which makes one sit up and note Lal Brand films. The glamour of the Megastar Mammootty and the talents of Lal give us a story which entertains the young and the old in the same way. Raja played by Mammootty and Kari played by Lal are professional boxers who are doing their business in Delhi. Both of these characters are not only co-brothers but genuine friends. They are nicknamed as Cobras and they loved to be called by that name. In this way they became famous as Black Cobra and King Cobra. Competing with each other in love, they liked anything starting with the sound ‘Co’. They have taken an oath to marry the sisters Kanika and Padmapriya and to fulfil their promise they have collected their belongings and savings so as to return to Kottayam. They were in search for a place starting with ‘Co’ and Kottayam seems to be their first choice but could not stay there as they wished. They finally settled in Coimbatore. Their life there and the incidents that took place there are portrayed in the film.

Mammootty gives a brilliant performance with superb comedy timing. Lal, the talented director and actor continued to give his best performance. The partnership between the two was the highlight of the film. Lalu Alex has given another good performance. The role of the sisters was handled well by Kanika and Padmapriya. The rest of the cast were also good.

Another point which was the centre of attraction in the film was the perfection in most of the technical aspects which include camera, direction, music and editing. Venu handled the camera well and it was too good in the end, editing was also good and music scored by Alex Paul was good too. All in all Cobra is an entertainer with full comedy in the first half and a bit serious in the second half.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: An average entertaining film

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