Intimate Close-up of Trisha and Prabhu Churns out Many Doubts

Few colorful screenshots of intimate close-ups between Trisha and Prabhudeva have sparkled rumors among movie lovers and viewers. These two young celebrities in movie industry are extremely popular. Recently, they have been caught red handed embracing each other at a birth day party. This type of intimate closeness is really magnificent and glamorous.

It is a wonderful birthday celebration party where a number of movie start from Kollywood and Bollywood gathered for making the special evening more charismatic. Now, there is another excellent thing which needs to be remembered. Dashing Tollywood luminary Rana Daggubati has a soft corner towards this cute baby, Trisha. She is dashing, arrogant and more dynamic. On the other hand, Rana is also very smart and dandy to entice young ladies in Tollywood.

Prabhudeva has hugged Trisha and his fans have started thinking in different ways. Instead of hushing up the whole controversial hugging issue, the situation is becoming tensed. Now, it is true that this young superstar has had a split-up with Nayanthara who has parted with him. This type of separation is really painful to someone who loves his sweetheart from the bottom of heart. However, the appearance of sexy Trisha in the life of Prabhudeva is a turning point for this actor cum dancer. Though nothing can be predicted beforehand about the aftermath effect of such closeness in intimacy, it is amply explicit that maybe both are trying to make their own lives spicy and tasty like tomato ketchup. God knows whether they are true lovers. Rana will surely turbocharge his mind to try his best to win Trisha. None knows about the final outcome of this triangle love affair. Trisha should be much bolder to take decision. However, love keeps no records. Nor is it predictable. So it’s better to wait for the final verdict declared by Trisha or Prabhu.

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