Salman’s strange reaction on the word ‘marriage’

It is a well known belief that ‘marriages are made in heaven’, but it seems as if the superstar Salman Khan does not believe it. It was very recently when the actor has attended the marriage party of Bappa, the son of singer Bappi Lahiri and have made very shocking and disappointing gestures when the topic on marriage has come his way. As per a popular daily, when an elderly guest who was present in the wedding blessed the actor for his marriage, he looked petrified hearing the term ‘marriage’. Instead of marriage, he has asked him to bless him with health, wealth and success. Salman’s reaction is something very strange. It is possible that his failures in love affairs have resulted to such a reaction and his decision to stay single. Now the question is does this reaction on the part of the actor mean that he is going to stay single for his entire life. Let us wait and see the outcome of this comment. We hope that whatever it may be the actor will take a wise decision on this regard and what might be his decision we will respect his decision.

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