Sexy Kareena Kapoor Will Play in Arundhati Remake

The sexy Kareena has expressed her deep satisfaction after watching non-Hindi version of Arundhati. In the original movie, Anushka was the heroine. Her charisma was well taken care of in Arundhati. However, Kareena’s talent should not be underestimated as she is a megastar in Bollywood.

To be frank, Kareena is the most precious jewel among her fans who still feel an aching joy for their dream girl whose sex appeal and sweet smiles can sparkle fire in the mind of an oldie. Oh! My god! Kareena will be also seen in the Hindi version of Arundhati. So definitely, it will be a surprise for her admirers who don’t want to miss the chance of meeting her on the silver screen. The remake of Arundhati will hit the box offices after the national premier show. Anurag Basu is a famous director whose name vibrates in air in honor. To speak the truth, he has done a superb job by handpicking sexy baby Kareena to make the movie spicy and juicy.

In an interview, Anurag admitted that prior to select Kareena, there was a long queue for performing in this upcoming remake of Arundhati. Names of Deepika Padukone, Rani Mukherjee, Vidya Balan, and Kajol popped up on his lips. However, none but Kareena was chosen to lead the role of Arundhati.

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