Shane Warne and Liz Hurley reveal their wedding plans

Shane Warne, former cricketer of Australia and his would be wife Liz Hurley has revealed their plans for their wedding next year. The couple have explained that with so many loved ones in Britain and Australia, they have decided for two celebrations so that people from both the families can attend them. The duo who admits to be an unlikely match reveals the nick names for one another in the first interview together. They told to a magazine called ‘Hello’ that Warne is called as ‘Big Blond’ while Hurley, a businesswoman is referred as ‘Luna’ among all other names. Warne’s three children Brooke, Jackson and Summer lives with his ex-wife Simone in Melbourne. Hurley who is the mother of one child has said that she is happy when she is with Shane and both of them are identical in many ways. She further added that despite the differences in their career and background, they hail from loving homes which maters a lot for her.

Hurley who was previously married to Arun Nayar has announced her engagement in October, 2011. She said that her 10 year son Damian is delighted to have three new friends when Warne has his children around. She added that it was great change to have so many children around her but she loves them and tries to be the best step mom. Warne has also said that he feels that they have known each other forever. He has further added that although they belong to two different worlds, they are much the same. Apart from all this they adore each other. So we assume that their marriage will be a successful one and will bring happiness in their life. We wish luck and best wishes to the couple.

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