Veena Mallik to feature in Kannada ‘Dirty Picture’

Veena Mallik, who posed nude for a magazine and has made big news in the reality show Big Boss-4 is at present the central point in Kannada films as Venkatappa, the producer of the film ‘Ganga Cauvery’ roped in her for the character of Silk in the Kannada film titled ‘Dirty Picture’. It is what the popular actress Vidya Balan has made popular in the Hindi movie ‘Dirty Picture’ is now repeated by this daring and dashing actress Veena Malik in a Kannada film under the direction of Trishul. He has directed a film titled ‘Baaba’ some years back and is now handling the internationally acclaimed actress.

On being questioned about the permission for the remake of the film, the director has said that Hindi film makers did not seek any permission for making a film on the life of Silk Smitha. He says that the things that are not shown on Silk are shown in this film. Veena Mallik is to participate in the photo shoot on the 12th of May. Venkatappa’s son Akshay is the main hero in the film. What is interesting is that the actress will be shown in two piece, a costume wore Silk Smitha in South Indian films.

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