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2012 May |
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Archive for May, 2012

Mohanlal to Be Seen as Sathya Sai in Movie Sathya Sai Baba

Mohanlal to play the devine role “Sathyasai Baba”
A shocking surprise for the big screen viewers ,universal star mohanlal is getting ready to play the role of the spiritual figure sathya sai baba.The new reports claims that the tollywood director kodi Ramakrishna approached mohanlal to play the role of mystic, philanthropist and educator sathya sai baba.This news has yet not been confirmed but there are talks going on in the industry about the movie and lals acceptance of the offer.It has been currently revealed that mohan lal is very much interested in playing his character as sathya sai.
The shooting of the movie is on its starting stage and the Malayalam actor sreejith vijay(rathinirvedam) is playing the role of young sathya sai.The name of koodi ramakrishnan’s new project is “Baba sathyasai “ and the movie will be dubbed in to all major languages .As the name of the movie indicates the story is about sathyasai from his early stage of life till the end.

Jyothika and Suriya to Come back to Movie Industry

Marriage can’t be a major hindrance to dampen the professional world. Maybe, the couple goes on a provisional retirement to take care of the family. However, they must feel the urgency to concentrate on the professional careers which have brought name, fame and recognition to them.

To be frank, after a long hiatus, Suriya and Jyothika have decided to come back to join movie industry once again. They are married. Way back to 2006 they preferred a conjugal lifestyle to live together under a roof. They are very happy to have fulfilled the dream in the long run. Now, these celebrities are taking preparations to re-start their acting careers to entertain movie lovers. Jyothika has acted in Malayalam film Seetha Kalyamam in 2009. She was held in high esteem for her brilliant contribution. Both are enthusiastic to play roles in movie once again. Jyothika gets constant support from her hubby to perform in movies. It is her fascination to continuing her acting in commercial streams for earning accolades, appreciation and of course experiences.

However, in the movie industry, the competition is skyrocketing. Jyothika will have to invest more time to do rehearsal and practices for sharpening skill to perform confidently. She should be devoted to her task for showing her best performance in movies to come.

Ajith-Vijay to Perform in Rajini-Kamal’s Ninaithalae Inikkum Remake

Very soon viewers will have a wonderful chance to meet duo-Ajith and Vijay in the upcoming remake of Ninaithalae Inikkum. They will be seen performing in this movie. The story of the movie is extremely eye-catching and packed with excitement, thrills and adventure.

In the original Tamil movie, Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth were seen playing the leading roles to attract their fans. Now, it is the turn for Ajith-Vijay to showcase their acting talent in the upcoming movie. It will be a music based movie in which you will be able to listen to light music and melodious songs sung by eminent maestros. Every song has been composed with care. The diction of the movie is quite impressive. The depth and impressiveness of the movie songs are palpable. Ajith and Vijay will have to be more attentive to punch the natural flavor and touch of sophistication while throwing dialogues in a carefree manner. Vijay has the experience in acting in remakes. So far as Ajith’s involvement is concerned, he has the limited experience in this filed in comparison to his co-actor. However, nothing can be obstructive in the event of having good training to overpower negative elements. Furthermore, Balachander’s feedbacks and opinions must be more result-oriented to inspire the duo for showing their excellent talent and expertise in magnifying the complicated sequence to enhance the artistic grandeur.

On the other hand, the director has launched a short brush-up training program to train newcomers for acting in his movie. He is confident of the future prospect of this movie. Whatever it may be but it is true that viewers will have to wait for several months to watch superheroes in the same movie. The screening test is in the full swing to handpick the heroine whose glamour and talent will be quite appreciable.

Thiruvambadi thamban malayalam movie review

The ever green superstar jayaram’s new movie thiruvambadi thamban is directed by padmakumar who is the director of the super duper hit shikkar with Mohanlal as the hero.His new movie thiruvambadi thamban comes in to a category watchable. The story leads like this, a christian family in trishur named thiruvambadi and the main weakness of this family members is their love towards the elephants and the story reveals the strong love bond between a father and his son.The main focus of the movie is on revenge. The first half of the movie is about 1.10hrs which is little boring because of lagging scenes but the comedies during the first half is remarkable. When coming to the second half its about 1.30 hrs which is comparatively better than the first half and energetic.

The performance of jayaram is ever green ,Jagathy and Nedumudi venu is good but the performance of kishore is super.The other castes like Samudhrakkani,Haripriya,Janardhanan,T G Ravi,Sadiq,Shanu,Anil murali is only up to an average level.The music of the movie seemed to be good but after hearing it we will think whether the music can be compared to the music of any tamil movie.
The positive side of the movie includes Jayaram,Jagathy,Kishore and the second half but the first half is the only negative which we can say after watching the movie.
Verdict :Just an average film ,Watchable

Prithviraj Hero malayalam movie review

Hero movie ,The story of dupes in the industry told in a pleasant way but when reached the viewers the movie became un pleasant. The central role of the movie is played by young super star Prithviraj as tarzon antony.The story is all about tarzon antony ,a dupe and the story reveals the original problems faced by the dupes in the entire film industry. The movie comes under a watchable category but it doesn’t catch up the level of movie puthiyamukham which was considered to be Deepan’s first movie casted by prithvi which was a super duper hit but his new movie Hero drained the image of the movie puthiyamukham.The other castes of the movie includes sreekanth as premanand which seemed to be a boring character in the movie,bala as udhayan seemed to be an average performer in the movie,the performance of anoop menon and thalaivasal vijay seemed to be good,yamini gautham the heroine of the movie ,a new comer to the Malayalam industry seemed to be average in performance .The first half of the movie can be rated as watchable but second half and the climax is too boring.

When coming to the positive side of the movie prithviraj’s action and yamini gautham’s look s are remarkable but when coming to the negative side it involves dragging second half,usual story,boring climax.
Rating :2.75/5.00
Verdict : Average Film ,Good for one watch
Theater response :70%

Harbhajan Singh’s Dream Comes True to Wed His Girlfriend Geeta

Love can’t be an evaporable liquid. Nor is it a dreamy enchantment. It is a part of vision. It guides a gentleman to love the world and perfect the way of lifestyle. Now, when Harbhajan Singh met Geeta Basra, he never thought of losing her in the midst of the crowd.

Geeta has nurtured the same feeling for Harbhajan who has already proved his affection and pure love for this cute lady. Her charismatic elegance, juicy smile and hot rosy lips are always intoxicating dudes for making wild love. Both are planning to get locked in marriage in September this year. Now, this brilliant guy has had another plan to celebrate marriage with pomp and grandeur.

Meanwhile, Harbhajan and Geeta are busy of chalking out their wedding plans in an extensive way. Geeta has completed her schooling in British ambience. Her hometown is Yorkshire. Harbhajan has grown in Indian culture and heritage. Their fans and relatives are happy on hearing the marriage celebrations. Geeta is a movie star and her fame in this country is strongly palpable. She has worked with Emraan Hashmi in Train. This movie has got appreciation for her outstanding performance. In real world she is also the protagonist to play as a would-be wife of Harbhajan who has already established his professional career as an international cricketer.

Priyanka nair marriage photos

Soon after a shocking surprise form actress ananya to the south Indian cinema here comes the another dilemma from south Indian cinema actress priyanka nair .The entire south Indian cinema was shocked to hear that actress priyanka got married to Lawerence ram today morning at Attukal temple ,Trivandrum.Lawrence ram is a leading associate director in the tamil industry.The wedding was a private affair in which their friends and family were only attended the function. No media or a single person from the industry was not informed or invited for the marriage.The news about their marriage was declared by some reliable sources.
Priyanka nair entered in to the tamil industry on 2006 through movie veyyil directed by vasanthabalan and entered in to Malayalam industry on 2006 through movie kichamani mba(Suresh gopi,samad mankada) she also played many leading roles in malayalam movie like vilaapangalkappuram,ividam swargamanu(mohanlal,roshan andrews) etc…

Parineeti Chopra Wants More Exposure in Bikini

Parineeti Chopra has the power to titillate any dude. Her aggressive and dashing figure, juicy smile and charismatic vision are assets and she is ready to promote her body for the sake of entertainment industry. That means, she is agreed to expose her body in bikini in movies to come in future. In an interview, she has told media associates that if the situation demands the exposure of the body to add up gloss to the movie, she is ready to assist the director. She loves to act in semi-nude. She has already enticed viewers by giving flying kisses to Arjun Kapoor in the movie, Ishaqzaade.

Parineeti Chopra is one of the excellent sexy actresses. Her sexual drive is highly pleasurable. Her hot gestures, intoxicated foreplays and antics must be honored. Hats off to this sexy and young lady for her bravado to gift few hot intimate close-ups in Ishaqzaade! Now, she wants to expose more. She wants to be more erotic to appear in small clothes. Maybe, in future she will be a hardcore rival to compete with Leon.

In an interview, she has admitted that she has a plan to do more attractive roles in upcoming movies by gifting her juicy body. This sexy doll must be more practical in painting life in splash of more eye-catching color shades.

Kalakalappu 2 – Loaded with Comic Elements

Sundar C has performed his job competently. He is the director and his popularity is skyrocketing after finishing Kalakalappu which is based hardcore irony and comical elements. Spectators felt a craze to watch this comedy. However, the director is trying to gift another comic version to keep the mind of viewers fresh. Kalakalappu 2 will be shot and released soon to bring back dash of joy to people.

In the second version of Kalakalappu, a number of eminent and talented actors/actresses have been shortlisted for performing in this colorful movie. Shiva, Anjali and Oviya Helen will be seen in acting in leading roles. UTV Motion Pictures has taken the task to produce this comedy packed movie. Vijay Ebenezer’s contribution to compose excellent music in this movie is excellent. MGR or Madha Gaja Raja is a lanky handsome actor whose presence in this movie will give an extra charm to female dome. However, this movie will be premiered only after good trials.

UK Senthil is a cinematographer and he must be more attentive to produce the excellent visualized impact. Sundar C has revealed that it is his 25th movie and he will not spare pain in discharge of duties to the entire satisfaction of viewers and movie critics. He has already started working out on this upcoming movie.

Elopement Can Cause Heavy Casualty to Destroy Private Life

Love is wild in nature. It must be enjoyed to have intoxicated pleasure. Lyricist Thamarai should learn how to make love. However, the story is different. Thamarai has recently faced a split-up in relationship. She has a nightmarish incident when she has got the news of the elopement of her hubby with another lady. She is an eminent lyricist and composer. She has composed many songs for renowned directors like Gautham Menon. Thamarai is depressed when she has faced reporters. She has confessed that she is in a topsy-turvy. She has lost her words to reply back. It is not good news.

On the other hand, Thiyagu whom Thamarai married is absconding. TNIA has already served a suspension letter issued to his name for his apathy to perform the task for the interest of the party. He has done nothing special for the sake of the party. He has also lost his job. This type of mishap is painful and Thamarai must gather courage to spring back from the deep hollow of frustration and depression.

Thiyagu’s disappearance from the scene has hit back the entertainment industry. His irresponsible steps must break the social framework. Critics claim that he must deserve a backlash. However, love is always untamed and uncontrollable. His elopement with another lady may be the main cause of sparkling strong criticism and showdown. However, romance must be detached from the professional world and realpolitik.