Elopement Can Cause Heavy Casualty to Destroy Private Life

Love is wild in nature. It must be enjoyed to have intoxicated pleasure. Lyricist Thamarai should learn how to make love. However, the story is different. Thamarai has recently faced a split-up in relationship. She has a nightmarish incident when she has got the news of the elopement of her hubby with another lady. She is an eminent lyricist and composer. She has composed many songs for renowned directors like Gautham Menon. Thamarai is depressed when she has faced reporters. She has confessed that she is in a topsy-turvy. She has lost her words to reply back. It is not good news.

On the other hand, Thiyagu whom Thamarai married is absconding. TNIA has already served a suspension letter issued to his name for his apathy to perform the task for the interest of the party. He has done nothing special for the sake of the party. He has also lost his job. This type of mishap is painful and Thamarai must gather courage to spring back from the deep hollow of frustration and depression.

Thiyagu’s disappearance from the scene has hit back the entertainment industry. His irresponsible steps must break the social framework. Critics claim that he must deserve a backlash. However, love is always untamed and uncontrollable. His elopement with another lady may be the main cause of sparkling strong criticism and showdown. However, romance must be detached from the professional world and realpolitik.

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