Haripriya and Viyendra Together. Yes or NO?

Grapevine has it that Kollywood actress Haripriya is sharing a close relationship with Vijayendra, the son of former chief minister of Karnataka, Yeddyurappa. However, after being on the headlines of some of the leading regional dailies, she made it completely clear that these are just rumors. Moreover, she told that she has not even heard of him, or met him.

Recently, Vijayendra’s house, as well as, properties has been searched deeply by the CBI, because he is accused of being associated with mines scandal. Because of the rumors of her close relationship with Vijayendra, her apartment was also raided by the CBI. The raid to her home was an integral part of the detailed search operation conducted by India’s premier investigation bureau. However, as obvious she absolutely denied it, as well. If fact, she added that she was shocked when she heard that her home in Bengaluru was raided, as nothing like that happened in reality. Hope so.

The actress debuted in the Tamil film industry with Kanagavel Kakka opposite Karan. Though, this film did not do well at the Box Office, but that did not stop this amazing actress from looking forward to films like Vallakkottai and Muran opposite Arjun and Cheran, respectively.

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