Jyothika and Suriya to Come back to Movie Industry

Marriage can’t be a major hindrance to dampen the professional world. Maybe, the couple goes on a provisional retirement to take care of the family. However, they must feel the urgency to concentrate on the professional careers which have brought name, fame and recognition to them.

To be frank, after a long hiatus, Suriya and Jyothika have decided to come back to join movie industry once again. They are married. Way back to 2006 they preferred a conjugal lifestyle to live together under a roof. They are very happy to have fulfilled the dream in the long run. Now, these celebrities are taking preparations to re-start their acting careers to entertain movie lovers. Jyothika has acted in Malayalam film Seetha Kalyamam in 2009. She was held in high esteem for her brilliant contribution. Both are enthusiastic to play roles in movie once again. Jyothika gets constant support from her hubby to perform in movies. It is her fascination to continuing her acting in commercial streams for earning accolades, appreciation and of course experiences.

However, in the movie industry, the competition is skyrocketing. Jyothika will have to invest more time to do rehearsal and practices for sharpening skill to perform confidently. She should be devoted to her task for showing her best performance in movies to come.

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