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Dharma and Aishwarya marriage

Those who have watched popular movies like Huchcha must admit that Dharma alias B Dharmendra has showcased his inborn talent as an actor. He is a dashing celebrity with a promising future prospect. In Kannada movies, this extremely sought-after actor has earned the prestigious niche. It is a good idea to congratulate him on the special occasion. Without wasting time, it can be said that his decision to lock his life with cute Aishwarya back to 5th May 2012 was a magnificent incident. It doesn’t matter whether they were able to invite all relatives and celebrities at the wedding ceremony hall. However, everyone has expressed his deep satisfaction to tender their best compliments to newly married couple.

Aishwarya is the lovely daughter of Savitha. Her charismatic glow and sexy appearance will surely make the life of this smart guy spicy and attractive. At the reception hall, a number of luminaries such as Rajesh, Sa Ra Govindu, Sadashiva Brahmavar, BAMA Harish, BR Keshava, and Srikanth were found participating into the marriage celebration party.

In this connection, Dharma invited journalists and media associates to cover the wedding ceremony. Bengaluru at Gangamma Thimmaiah Inn and Convention Hall were jam packed with young celebrities and respectable citizens. Let the couple enjoy their conjugal life peacefully.

Fortune Favors Jayam Ravi!

Not all the actors are fortunate enough like Jayam Ravi to get an opportunity to essay dual role at such an early stage of their career. Where there is fame, rumours will follow, automatically. Jayam Ravi also is no exception to it. There are many people who assume that he has got this opportunity, rather earlier in his professional life. Though the film is untitled, it will be directed by Samudrakani. This movie has a revolutionary plot filled with existing elements, where the actor is portrayed as a fifty year old man, as well as, a young man in his 20’s. One of the most interesting facts related to this movie is that, two of these dual characters do not share a blood relation. Amala Paul is said to be playing the female lead role in this yet to be titled film. Moreover, this film will be made both in Telugu and Tamil, simultaneously.

Presently Jayram is busy to perfectly shoot the climax of his upcoming movie ‘Aadhi Bhagavan’ that is directed by talented Ameer. For all his fans, there is good news, as he will be seen opposite beautiful Trisha in the next release ‘Boologam’ that is directed by debutant director Kalyan Krishna, and Aascar V Ravichandran is said to be the producer.

Kunchacko to make Udaya Productions Shine all Over Again!

Kunchakko Boban is grandson of popular Udaya family, is the one and only actors who is enjoying the best phase of his career. He has given movie lovers many numbers of good movies to see and enjoy. However, soon he is going to make his long awaiting dream come true, i.e. Kunchacko to turn producer. Though he started his career as an actor, but it was his dream to breathe life into his home production banner. With his movies struggles in the mid 2000s, but his charming actor made his comeback in the year 2009, with Gulumal: The Escape.

In the Mollywood, his recent film, Ordinary is biggest box office hit of the year 2012, till date. Will all these, he is considered to be one of the happiest actors in the Malayalam film industry. One of his upcoming releases is going to hit the silver screen this week. He is playing the character of Mallu Sings in that movie. Apart from this, Kunchakko Boban has signed to play leading role in the Babu Janardhanan’s film Bhakti Prasthanam, which means “God for Sale”. It is also revealed by some of the close sources that Kunchakko will start acting on his home production, by end year 2012. This actor will try his level best to guarantee that the production banner of his ancestors will shine all through its way, all again. Hats off, and best wishes to the actor.

Anushka in the remake of Kahaani

Anushka, one of the most famous heroines of the South was approached for the main role in the remake of Kahaani. The Bollywood movie Kahaani featuring Vidya Balan was a thriller and was accepted well by the audience. It has been planned to remake the film in Tamil and Telugu. The makers of the film are in search of a heroine who can do justice to the role and in the same time be able to draw crowds to the movie. So their first choice is Anushka who has not yet answered in positive.

The actress is presently busy with four projects in Tamil and two Telugu films. In that case she has to adjust her dates to make way for the film. Whoever gets this role should consider herself lucky as heroines rarely get such type of roles. We hope that Anuska would answer in Positive and would not let the chance go off her hands. Let us see what happens, if she is the lucky one or the makers have to try for different options. For the updated news on this we have to keep our eyes open and have patience.

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 Tamil Movie Review

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 Movie Review

Cast: Sri, Urmila Mahantha, Manisha Yadav, Mithun Murali, Kumaravel

Directed and Written by: Balaji Sakthivel

Production: N. Subhash Chandra Bose, Ronnie Screwvala

Music: Prasanna

Balaji Sakthivel is a promising talented film director. He has created a number of excellent heart throbbing movies in past. However, recently this experienced director has invested his maximum time for shooting Vazhakku Enn 18/9 movie. It is a different love story which is based on the adolescent fantasy and romantic fictions.

The theme of the story has been built up on the romance, and adventure. A young girl has been derailed from the track of moral high ground. However, she is also groping for relief. The story starts in the open public road where Velu acted by Sri has visited Chennai for earning money. He has met a maid servant in the street. Jothi acted by Urmila works in Aarthy’s apartment as an attendant. She is cute and charming. At first sight, Velu has started dreaming of Jothi. He wants to marry her. However, Jothi is not eager to accept love proposal backfired by Velu. Balaji has nurtured two different love stories in the same movie. Velu will be seen rescuing Jothi when Dinesh, the main culprit, pounces upon Aarthy in revenge. Dinesh is not a gentleman. He is not a good boy. His vengeance has contaminated the air in the apartment of Aarthy. In the long run, after taking the statements from Aarthy, Dinesh was incarcerated and let Velu go Scot free. The director has tried to remove the barriers between the rich and the poor. He believes in de-class system. Velu is the representative of the poor community. However the entry of Dinesh has changed the course of the streamline of the movie.

Finally, Urmila’s artistic beauty and excellent expletives are strongly noticeable. The music is excellent. However, critics have complained about the MMS scandals in the movie. Parents have been dragged to the hard reality which can be harmful to young generation. The fantastic love story has also wiped out the defective and negative elements in the movie. It will be a successful romantic movie this year.

Grandmaster malayalam movie review

The film titled ‘Grandmaster’ had very less expectations which was based on the recent films by Unnikrishnan. The first half of the film matched the expectation level while towards the later half of the film it was built up well and was maintained almost through the entire film. It can be said that it was the best of Unnikrishnan films seen so far. The first part of the film was centred much on the family background of Chandrasekhar as well as his present and previous character introduction. It seems to be boring at times but was okay with it. The game started towards the interval and the story was well built from then on. The second half of the film was based on the cat and mouse game which took place between Killer and Chandrasekhar and goes on well although a good thrill was lacking all throughout. The element of suspense and the justification is quite convincing. Although there were loopholes in the script, the suspense element was maintained well throughout the film.

The film tells the tale of Metro Crime Division officer, Chandrasekhar played by Mohanlal and those surrounding him. The protagonist was a genuine and active police officer but after his break up with his wife, he seemed to have lost interest in his job. Later on Devan, his friend and a senior officer entrusts upon him the entire responsibility of MCD. It so happens that one day, Chandrasekhar gets a letter and then starts the story of ‘Grandmaster’. The stranger writes the letter each time before murdering someone.

The second half was successful in keeping its audience engaged although it does not keep one biting his nails in suspense. It is able to keep the viewers interested till the end or the climax of the film which was quite predictable. The climax could have been much better. So far as the performance is concerned, Lal was excellent as a cool and laid back cop. He was good enough in his looks and acting as well. Narein and Jagathy were okay in their respective roles while Mithra Kurein was superb looking.

The positive aspects of the film include the script which was much better than the other thrillers; direction of the film was also good with performance of Mohanlal which was superb. The background music was very good and the justification given for killing and the suspension element in it was worked out well. However, the film also has its drawbacks. It lacks the feeling of thrill most of the time and the first half of the film is quite boring at times. In the first half of the film, the audience seems to have lost interest but towards the interval and the second the scenario seemed to have changed and was able to draw the attention of the viewers. In short it can be said that it was an above average movie with both positive and negative aspects in it.

The suspense element is well maintained in the entire movie while the first half was a bit slow. All in all it was good film with suspense maintained all throughout. One can go and watch the film with much interest. The performance of all the actors was as expected and was quite satisfying. It seemed as if they were enjoying their job.

Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: a suspense thriller which is shot well and is worth watching it.

Anna Bond kannada movie review

The film is based on a social servant who is of a different type. Bond Ravi played by Puneeth Rajakumar is the one who likes to help others and for doing so he has to face many obstacles coming his way. He is an expert in Karate and it so happens that one day he sees Meera played by Priyamani in a bus and falls in love with her. She comes to the village where Bond Ravi was staying with Divya played by Nidhi Subbaiah, who is the friend of Meera for making a documentary film. At this time his love increases further but Meera leaves the village telling him to make something big in life and for this statement he leaves the village accompanied by Rangayana Raghu, and on the way is taken by a military for a mistaken identity. It came to be that he was there to treat Chandrakanth, who is a former official in the army. At this point shoot out starts from Charlie played by Jackie Shroff. Drug mafia Charlie is in search of his daughter but sadly enough he kills his daughter Divya. The rest of the story is the revenge between Charlie and Bond Ravi.

The action sequence in the film is mind blowing but is nothing new for Puneeth Rajakumar films. In the storyline also Dhuniya Soori, the director is not different from his earlier super hit movies. Puneeth Rajakumar fails in narrating the sensitive issues. The love affair is also not refreshing and the character of Nidhi Subbaiah does not add much strength to the film. Moving on to the performance of the characters, Puneeth does not disappoint the audience so far as the action sequences are concerned. Yet there is something which is to be thought for the actor, he should think of new thoughts and something sensational adding to his performance. Priyamani did her job well. Rangayana Raghu wins praise for his delivery of dialogues while Jackie Shroff looks tired and his Kannada diction is a minus point to the film.

The music of the film was scored by V Harikrishna and was well suited and Choreographer Imran Sardaria has proved his talent. Editing is good. All in all it was an average film.

Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: an average film with nothing new in it.

John Abraham and Priya Runchal wedding

It is after the success of the film Vicky Donor, John Abraham, the actor cum producer has decided to settle down. He is to marry his love of life, Priya Runchal this year itself. The buzz that is going around is that they have already married each other in Los Angeles some months back, which has been denied by John. In this regard, he has said that they would tie the Knot this year itself. John and Priya have met each other last year in April and since that time were seen together at many occasions. As reported to a daily, John has said that he has met Priya through a common friend and found out an instant connection between them. They could share everything and the relationship was an honest one.

John has further stated that the wedding is to take place this year itself but the date is not yet fixed; it could be within a few weeks or some months. He has said that he is an impulsive guy and in that case he could also be married next week and his wedding may have only ten people invited. So we hope to get good news very soon.

Tamil remake of ‘Delhi Belly’ titled ‘Varuthapadadha Vaalibar Sangam’

The remake of the Hindi movie ‘Delhi Belly’, in which Arya is to play the male protagonist, is reportedly given the title ‘Varuthapadadha Vaalibar Sangam’. The film would be produced by UTV Motion Pictures which has also made the original version of the film and Kannan will direct the film, who has shown his talents in the films like Kanden Kadhalai, Jayam Kondan and Vandhan Vendraan. Apart from Arya, other popular faces will also be seen in important roles.

The hero of ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’ will play the character of Imran Khan in the Hindi version, while Santhanam will portray Kunaal Roy Kapur. Hansika Motwani will play the role of the airhostess and Anjali will portray the character of a journalist. The shooting for the film is scheduled start from 7th of May in Chennai.

The dialogues of the film are to be penned by John Mahendran. In the meantime, sources claim that although the title of the film is almost confirmed, yet names like Vai Raja Vai and Settai are under consideration. We hope that the shooting would start soon and we will have more information coming our way. Let us wait to see what more is in store for us.