Prithviraj Hero malayalam movie review

Hero movie ,The story of dupes in the industry told in a pleasant way but when reached the viewers the movie became un pleasant. The central role of the movie is played by young super star Prithviraj as tarzon antony.The story is all about tarzon antony ,a dupe and the story reveals the original problems faced by the dupes in the entire film industry. The movie comes under a watchable category but it doesn’t catch up the level of movie puthiyamukham which was considered to be Deepan’s first movie casted by prithvi which was a super duper hit but his new movie Hero drained the image of the movie puthiyamukham.The other castes of the movie includes sreekanth as premanand which seemed to be a boring character in the movie,bala as udhayan seemed to be an average performer in the movie,the performance of anoop menon and thalaivasal vijay seemed to be good,yamini gautham the heroine of the movie ,a new comer to the Malayalam industry seemed to be average in performance .The first half of the movie can be rated as watchable but second half and the climax is too boring.

When coming to the positive side of the movie prithviraj’s action and yamini gautham’s look s are remarkable but when coming to the negative side it involves dragging second half,usual story,boring climax.
Rating :2.75/5.00
Verdict : Average Film ,Good for one watch
Theater response :70%

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