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Adhuri Movie Review – A High Flavorful Romantic Movie to Boost up Young Hearts |
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Adhuri Movie Review – A High Flavorful Romantic Movie to Boost up Young Hearts

Adhuri will entice teenage sweethearts for sweet quips, speedy dialogues and superb presentation of both Radhika in the leading role of Poorna and Sarja acting as Arjun. His affection towards Radhika is strongly felt in every episode. At the same time, the charismatic glow of sweet Radhika will surely win million hearts of young dudes. They are quite impressive in Adhuri.

The director AP has confirmed the introduction of new faces to his fans who will have passion for watching the brilliant actors performing excellently in Adhuri. In this movie, you will find the touch of ultra-light romantic luster. It brings two hearts together for forming an everlasting friendship. The strong romantic flavor has been punched into Adhuri to make it more glamorous and eye-catching.

The story begins in this way. Arjun and Poorna are young and energetic persons who like to swim in the frothy soap suds of dreamy enchantment. Love is so sweet. You need to look back to feel someone whispering just behind your image. Poorna has expressed her gentle love for Arjun. They are agreed to get married prior to the strong decision taken by their parents to drive a wedge between them. However, the wheel of fortune doesn’t always run smoothly on the texture. Arjun didn’t appear in the pre-fixed time to sign the marriage bond paper at the registration office. Poorna waited to see her caustic downfall. In that case, the director has applied her innovative ideas and powerful imagination to showcase the painful separation and hallucination. Poorna decided to marry Tarun who is a software engineer. Romance knows no limitation. It always glows and shines. In spite of marriage, Poorna and Arjun have become bosom friends. Now, viewers will have to make a proper evaluation.

Radhika is always cute. Her attractive smile and razor sharp façade are assets the director has used her talent properly. Sarja is also dashing. However, to some extent, his large nose can be problematic for Poorna to strike him with hot kisses. Let the matter drop alone. They are friends now and their appearance is quite appreciable in this high voltage romantic movie Adhuri.

The screenplay is ok. Though sometimes it seems that there is a slight vacuum in the love scenes, the overall outcome is excellent due to the delivery of meaningful dialogues and unforgettable exchange of smiles to soothe mind of young lovers.

Rating: 9/10

Verdict: Adhuri has the speed, dynamism and smooth flow of friendship. It will give some beautiful moments to young hearts for enjoying the romantic venture.

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