Bachelor Party Malayalam movie Review

LIFE IS A BORING HIGHWAY SO JUST OFF ROAD IT,Amal neerad’s new movie Bachelor Party’s  highlighting caption .Like every amalneerad movie such captions are quiet interesting but in case of bachelor party the caption indirectly says the truth about the movie i.e. BORING.Like  every amal neerad films bachelor party’s first show was housefull but when the show ended the  viewers  emerged out from the theater with a comment that “Amal Neerad’s movie up to Anwar was a watchable one  but now he created a movie which is good for nothing except the songs.The story of the movie is like this Asif ali marries his bosses daughter(Nithya menon) and his boss decide to kill Asif ali. From the child hood itself Asif ali is in gang of five members who are robbers. Arrival  of  young super star prithviraj seemed to make the movie interesting but this perception of the viewers  ended after certain scenes of prithvi and ramyanabeshan .The movie is mixed up with some hot scenes of padmapriya and Ramya nambeeshan.The  movie comes under a category of watchable if you  are ready to waste your time and money.

The performance of each and every actor seemed to be good even though the movie is bad.

The positives of the movie includes  Amal neerad’s cinematography and hot scenes of padmapriya and ramyanambeshan which can make the youth feel Hot .

The negatives of the movie includes  unrelated climax,lack of good  story and script

1st half: Average

2nd half: Below average/flop

Rating : 1.75/5

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