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Bhagirathi kannada movie Review |
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Bhagirathi kannada movie Review

Movie Bhagrathi reveals historic past and superstitious beliefs that existed in the past. Director Dr Baraguru Ramachandrappa tries to give his audience a story of sacrifice through Bhagrathi.The story is that Bhagirathi (Bhavana) and Mahadevaraya (Kishore) starts loving each other and marry after a few years.The story rise with the issue of a lake which has no water . Mahadevaraya is a soldier in the army of a king and on his absence the priest of the village tells that a daughter in law from the village head family should sacrifice her life inorder to make the lake productive .By hearing this words from the mouth of the village priest the two daughter in laws of the village head family will get upset .The role of two daughter in laws are played by Bhagirathi (Bhavana) and Mallavva (Thara) .At the time for the ceremony of sacrifice the village priest announces the name of Bhagirathi (Bhavana) and she happily sacrifice her life for the village and after a few moments her husband Mahadevaraya (Kishore) also dies at the same place in memory of his ever loving wife.
This story could have been effective if it was in a TV serial but such type of story in todays bigscreen will not withstand because such type of superstitious stories can’t satisfy the present audience even childrens.The director of the movie had worked for the movie very well. This can be understood easily from the screenplay itself.The three well written song by the director also makes the movie a little bit interesting but he failed in selecting a story according to the current trend.
The charecters seemed to be unfit for Kishore and Bhavana .They tried to perform better but their looks faded their performance.The music by Manohar is also good.The review of the movie in one scentence is that one can watch the movie if he has some interest in historic past.

Rating :1.75/5

Verdict : Disappointing . Not a commercial one..

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