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Jaanu kannada movie review |Janu flim review |
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Jaanu kannada movie review

Jaanu,the immense love of one to the other as the name suggest the movie jaanu is all about the love bond between a father,his daughter and her love.The story starts like this Rukmini (Deepa Sannidhi) just for a joy comes to mysore to see mysore dasara without informing her parents who lives at Belgaum .But after coming to mysore she realizes that it was not the season for mysore dasra and she will lose all her money at mysore.The real story begins at a restaurant owned by Siddarth and Ramaiah (Yash and Rangayana Raghu).Rukmini because of her hunger eats food for Rs 800/ and tells the bearer that she don’t have money to pay Siddarth become baffled when Rukmini ask him to give place to stay for the night. On the next day Ramaiah Ramaih asks Siddarth to take Rukmini to her home at Belgaum .Due to high pressure from Ramaih ,siddarth agrees to take care of her . In that journey from Mysore to Belgaum they become friends as quiet natural.When siddarth brings back rukhmini her father Rudregowda (Shobaraj) will become violent and beat siddarth with his men.This incident will saw the seeds of love in the minds of Rukmini and then she expresses her love to Siddarth and their love starts their but soon both of them become shocked when Rukminis father announces her engagement with another boy .The later lead of the story can be enjoyed by you at cinema’s near you.

The movie comes under a category of watchable even though the movie repeats the same dilemma like other movies which had become so popular earlier .The journey of the hero and heroine seemed to create a lag in the movie in between .The only thing that is different in the movie is that the climax part which seemed to be very interesting and this portion of the movie gives the viewers a fresh experience.Ed iting of the movie only comes to an average level because at the middle part of the movie there comes continuous fights and songs which made the viewers bored. The over all view about the movie is that Director Preetham Gubbi failed to give a different experience to the viewers .
The performances of the hero and heroine seemed to be pretty good in their actions,expressions and looks.The camera work by Krishna added up a cooling experience to the viewers .The other works like choreography,cinematography,music all seemed to be of an average category.

Rating :2.75

Verdict:- Watchable , Good for one time watch

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