Malayalam movie Eacha, releasing on the 6th of July in Kerala

Eacha, the most hyped Malayalam movie will be releasing on the 6th of next month. The cost for producing this socio-fiction flick is a whopping 26 crores which includes 7 crores spent on advanced computer graphics and glittery effects.

The film stars Nani, Samantha Santhanam and Sudeep playing the hero, heroine and the villain respectively. The plot is very unique considering the protagonist is an animated fly( Eacha).

Nani, the hero is in love with Samantha but fails to express it before villain Sudeep kills him. Nani is reborn as a fly and seeks revenge from Sudeep. The songs in the movie are already moving up the charts.

The film promotions have also been successful with Nani being featured in a music video. The movie’s telegu and Tamil versions will be releasing on the same date. The Telegu version is named Eaga and the Tamil version is named as Naan Ee.

The film has sold its distribution rights for 31 crores and satellite rights for 5.5 crores which means the film maker has already made up for his expenses. The film is expected to be a super hit in Kollywood.

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