Sakuni tamil movie Review

Movie sakuni had finished its first play with a great traffic of fans and others.The movie just reveals the political dramas that happens in our real life.The story of the movie is like this KAMAL(karthi) a dynamic youngster who takes the role of a political person who deals problems of people in the state .Entry of karthi with punch dialogues adds a star to the movie.Entry of sandhanam as Rajini changes the serious face of the movie in to fun and there are many funny scenes between karthi and sandhanam .Beauty queen Anushka plays the role of a police officer and the scenes played by her is quiet interesting.The entire energy of the movie can be seen by the entry of Ramanakka(Radhika) who need to become a powerful political leader.The scenes between karthi and Radhika  makes the movie entertaining and the viewers energetic.
The movie comes under a category of watchable .The movie reveals the tactics played by politicians to come in to power.The presence of actress Pranitha seems to be limited in the movie however her performance seems to be good,
Entry of karthi,punch dialogues of karthi,Nasser’s role,Superb performance by Radhika as Ramanakka, Songs
Karthi as kamal given birth to a power ful political leader,Radhika as Ramanakka had done her role in a very excellent manner,Sandhanam as usual with karthi made the viewers put their hands crossed.Anushka ‘s performance is only an average

Rating :2.5/5

Verdict :Watchable ,Recommended for one time watch

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